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Issue 18 - Page 14

Well, that's one way to gain some new roommates...

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Slight kink in the plan here... the girl you're after is mortal.
Bigger kink, puck actually thinks he'll do that.
Even bigger kink: the assumption that each recipient uses the names for a third time AND aren't passed on to others ad infinitum. After all, Puck has the names and has passed them on to Roderick and is still not yet a thrall to either court...
As far as we readers know. But we all know that Spooky told Moraine the Queens' names. That's part of how she summoned them and bound them to the treaty.
And the biggest kink of all... you guys don't have all the info yet. There's still more to come.
You are wicked awesome at keeping us in suspense. Thought you'd like to know.
Thank you! I really need the encouragement right now. Especially after today.
Whatever happened today, I hope tomorrow is better, and things keep improving :)
Hmm... Something doesn't feel right here. Puck underestimating both Moraine and Jacob? And telling Jacob how he will acquire an extra boost of magic? -And- Moraine having enough power to allow Puck to break away from the courts? -And- Moraine is still aging and Jacob is likely willing to die before letting this happen? Hmm... I suspect that Puck told Jacob exactly what he -wanted- him to hear, and that there are deeper plans afoot. Paranoia is essential when dealing with The Hob!
ah, but it could be a double bluff... or a triple bluff.
Or perhaps even a blind man's bluff. Though when playing Blind Man's Bluff it's important to remember not to do so near an actual bluff. Learned that the hard way as a kid. Poor Jimmy.
Iron Ed
Orrr Puck could have just shot himself in the foot by shooting off his big mouth. :-) Great expressions and night-time 'feel' in this one, Darc! Best wishes for you against whatever is troubling you lately!
Or it might not be so much as a bluff as making sure they play their part carefully. Puck reminds me of what Bruce Banner said about Loki in the Avengers movie.
Oh Puck is so much fun as a reader to watch and try to figure out. You never can quite figure him out, he seems to be playing the villain. But you can never be so sure with him.
Looks like Spooky's worries are well founded. point in the mortals favor is that Moraine is no ones stooge and Spooky is an analyst by trade. if anyone can out think old Robin, they can.
I can't imagine Spooky giving Moraine the names at all, but instead being in the Realm and using the names to call the Queens FOR Moraine. While it will be powerful, Spooky could not put her into that situation. All that being said what I am interested is WHY is Puck explaining all this. Is he honor bound to do so? After all a contract can be considered void if all parties do not know all the terms. Is he telling him in the hopes he WON'T tell Moraine but perhaps someone else? IS there a bigger target? So much that Puck could be doing now. Layers. It is like an onion! Smells as bad too.
somehow puck is forgetting that he could either trade the names or invoke them himself for the queen with out giving them to her. for every rule even in the fay there must be a way around it.
Seeing this is a bid for freedom for Puck, it seems kind of weird how this would work. One would assume both Spooky and Moraine would have to stay alive for the plan to work. Then there's the little problem of bringing Moraine here and how it would effect her...I smell another trick.
Why would Spooky have to bind Moraine to those rules though? Couldn't he choose others? Alternatively, by his oaths to Moraine, he could have to give them to her without expecting a favor in return.
Heh, Puck is fun like that. I love how Darc has made his character in her story.
So whoever gives the queen's names, gains control over the next user of the three names? Ugh. Throbbing chain headache incoming! And it's gonna be Puck's!
Oh ho, dear Puck and Darc. Truely the game has become one of much intrest and intrigue. With the way Puck was smiling towards the end, Spooky does have reason to spite dear Puck all the more.
oh God, that chain is SO simple to break.. All Moraine has to do is after telling her, Geas Spooky that he no longer remembers the names or that he can never speak them again..
Of course this whole scene makes Puck's offering the young grandson of Moraine all the more Ominous.