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Issue 18 - Page 13

It's the lack of paid vacation time that finally drove him over the edge...

Still sick, but I've now got meds and an estimated recovery time of a few weeks. I also want to sleep a lot. I apologize ahead of time for being quiet and not getting any sketchbook practice done. I suspect I'll be snoring when I'm not working on a comic page for the next week or so. :P

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Hoping for an easy going recovery for you. Interesting how Puck is going about this. Then again, considering how Fey have to obey their own rules, it would probably take a lot for Puck to sever all ties. How does one buck the system without getting zapped by it?
So...because he's sick of being property, he's going to make someone else his property in order to break free. Brilliant. Though, he might be able to swing this if he promises to release what's-his-name after he's broken free. Probably not, but it'd go over better than what he's currently saying.
here's wishing you a speedy recovery darc that Josh. C would be quite a trick. I'm sure that Punk has been planning this trick for a long long time
Interesting.. So his break with Winter was his first test to see if he could, but then he found Summer held his chain. Very ambituous, our Puck. Will he make his own side in the Courts?
you know that opens a question who does greer really serve. Hes allied with the humans has greer found a way free.
Aurik Marr
I thought the goblins weren't tied to specific courts and they chose which court to serve on their own. Did it ever get stated? I can't remember.
I don't think it was now that you mention it I just assumed that if your a non human in the Faye realm you had to pick a side
Take as long as you need to recover... And... it may have been unfair of Puck (the Fey being what they are about loophole abuse), but I can still understand, in a way;
If only he had simply asked for help instead of forcing things like this. I guess it's not in the mindset of a fey to ever ask a mortal for help.
No it wouldn't be. To do so would require them to ask a favor, thus leaving them indebted to whoever they asked for help. As it stand they dislike owing each other, but a mortal, there's a reason that mortals are cautioned against taking and giving favors amongst the Fey.
In one of the original "Twilight Zone" episodes, a fugitive Nazi war criminal waxes sentimental about a painting he saw in an art gallery. The prostitute he was talking to upbraided him by saying, (if memory serves me correctly) "All you want is peace and immortality, but the cost for those are a conscience and a soul, but you have neither one." Puck wants freedom, but the cost for that is responsibility and loyalty. He has neither one, so no one will trust him enough to let go of his leash. As a Fey, I doubt he would have experience with mutual obligation. I remember a poem: "He ordered me and I obeyed, and therefore I knew him./But by his hand I was betrayed, and therefore I slew him."
Are you thinking of "The Escape Route" from the pilot episode of Night Gallery.
Iron Ed
I still hope Spooky punches him in the snoot. ;-)
So say we all.
Puck seems to be acting the part of a bottled Genie. Freedom for Puck means that Spooky will take Puck's place. I foresee no good coming from such a deal.
Interesting.. All he needs is an extra source of power.. having Spooky's mind and body doesn't seem like it would be much help, but I'm not sure how Fey operate under these conditions. Me thinks that even if Spooky used the three boons, how would this actually help Puck? He has a mindless shell of a Spooky. There has to be another angle.
Eric Bloedow
i think i get it: Puck wants Roderick to convince Moraine to help Puck get loose! in other words, Roderick is the key to getting Moraine's power!