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Still sick as a dog, but here's the page as promised. The Slacker Tracker has been updated as well.

Uh, Puck... you're giving off that creepy stalker vibe again. This is why you don't have any friends, dude.

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Sooooo.... effectively, there's only two uses for free. Then you just ignore the third use for all of eternity, and you never have to pay. *Seems* easy enough...
Oh, please. The fae would simply engineer a situation in which you'd either use the third one or betray everything you stood for/beg for death. Or they make you think you've out-tricked them, whereupon they pull the rug out from under you.
Well, only the queens can pull the rug, and they couldn't be happier if their names are only used twice. Puck is the one getting you as a slave. So he'd have to pull some pretty heavy favors from the queens to cheat. Of course, puck has to have thought of all of this. Therefore, he must know what things Spooky's going to ask for, or else value spooky above the time & effort required to trick him into using the third boon. He already must highly value spooky, for he probably used one of HIS 3-uses with each queen just to give the names to spooky. So the question becomes, what does spooky have that puck would go to such lengths to get?
Ooh. Good questions. You deserve a cookie.
YAY! *nom*
One thing Spooky has is _Moraine's_ loyalty...
If this was how the fey do business in the past, it would explain much of modern business practices of today, would it not?
Get better soon
Soooo... that brings up the question of what were to happen if some utterly unfortunate accident knocked off Puck...
@Evilbob my thoughts exactly
Soooo... that brings up the question of what were to happen if some utterly unfortunate accident knocked off Puck...
Frith Ra
So, write them down, give them to somebody else and swear them to give the names to another, forever, after the first two are used. Unless the Fey have a workaround for that trick.
Wont work, the names are power, and in order to give them that must be spoken in the same tone/inflection as the owner has spoken, on paper its useless, see Dreseden files
So what about an audio recording? Press play and summon up some unspeakable power, just like in that Sam Raimi movie, "The Evil Dead."
The name has to be willfully given, Thus protected by those that know or own it, and depending how you look magic and tech don't always get along
wow I miss that puck id slicker than I though
There is always a price for any boon. Poor Spookey now realizes that its much worse than being stuck as a Fey! I hope he uses them wisely.
Fey and their loopholes... Does explain Puck saying that he wouldn't want to lose himself though...
Hope you feel better soon, Darc! I wonder why Puck wants Spooky.
One of the ways the Fae get power is by being owed favors. However, they don't really want to have to repay the favors as it is usually by doing something for the holder of the favor that will benefit that Fae and not themselves. Sometimes it can be life-threatening. Yes, even the Fae can be killed. However, you are allowed to use your thrall to pay off favors.
Wow, so Puck get's to collect on the deal. Tricky Trick Puck. Of course considering how he's suppose to find mortals fascinating, one has to wonder if really owning Spooky is his real objective.
Of course it's not. What is will take a while to be seen, as Fae plan generations ahead. On the other hand, it may be as simple as revenge. After all, there was another Fae who was helping Spooky, and she died for it.
Oh, Also get well soon Darc!
The last split panel is fantastic, Darc. It alone was well worth any wait we had. :) Get better, take as long as you need.
The last split panel is fantastic, Darc. It alone was well worth any wait we had. :) Get better, take as long as you need.
I view Puck's three uses of the names as being like nuclear weapons. He is capable of requesting anything the queens are able to do, and they can do a lot. He could request them to kill Puck and then use the next two wishes to have them kill themselves. There are other possibilities. Perhaps we have now entered a period of Mutually Assured Destruction. I don't think anybody will argue with the idea of the far being totally mad.
While technically he could ask for Puck's death, the queens would return in a new "body" for lack of a better term.
The Queens would return in new bodies, but the old bodies would be dead. My understanding is that the current bodies housing the queens would be very unhappy at the situation. Is Puck's bondage to the queens or to the bodies that house them.
Foxx Trotter
There is still the question regarding Puck's personality between the late 1940's with Spooky and present day with Hunter although many of the same traits are there. His behavior was a bit "childish" when communicating with Hunter and Gavin. I don't see too many adults playing hide and seek. Of course, everything could be a quite a ruse as well. ;0)
Foxx Trotter
And yes, I believe that Ash has eye dye. :0P
I honestly think you should double your slacker tracker to 14/14 days. You really do deserve it. You bring us a very enchanting story, and have come a good ways since the beginning. I am amazed every time I check, the work you have done. Thank you very much.
Iron Ed
I still want to see Spooky's fist connect with Puck's nose. :-)
eric bloedow
this reminds me of several fantasy stories where someone is given 3 wishes-and ends up using the 3rd wish to undo the problems caused by poorly-worded 1st+2nd wishes. i think the funniest was an old "super-friends" cartoon where the 3rd wish was "oh, i wish you had never opened that bottle in the first place!" (an evil genie was in the bottle)
I love Puck's face in the second panel. It's a perfect expression of "no, but I can't believe you're so dumb I have to spell it out for you." Also love the range of expressions you get on Spooky. Utterly honked off in panel one, to totally confused/scared in panel three.
Godel Fishbreath
Puck, even without the queens, has the reputation of being able to engineer most any situation.
Fey favours, yes always come with a price. The things that Spooky has learned and probably relayed to other agents who came in and got away, most likely helped RCSI to be where they are today. Even Hunter knows the rules of how to deal with the Fey. Puck has waited a long time, maybe even already an eternity for this, what is 40-50, 100 years more to him? I would also not be surprised if Puck manufactures situations that Spooky may be tempted to use the names, nothing in the rules against that.