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Issue 18 - Page 11

Exit Queens, stage left.

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Truely, the devil is not only in the details of such a deal but also in the details of the Queens themselves.
do summers parting words to puck mean anything to you
Spooky looks a little miffed.
@Kurtis do you think? not only is he now trapped forever with the fey, now he in debt!!
I was thinking more of Spooky being angry over the fact that he might be afraid that having Moraine make use of the Queen's names might place her in debt as well.
that sounds like a reasonable concern, you also explain his sudden wrath. The question is, is he worried about queen moraine being put in his debt or being put in puck debt
Iron Ed
Sic 'im, Spooky!!
I think we are about to witness the invention of a new sport: Fool Bashing.
I am a but puzzled why the queens would reveal the debt so freely.
This tome comes across as Winter's way of getting back at Puck by laying all the cards on the table rather than leaving something that Puck might be able to use his advantage later.
A favorite quote of mine is "When the rules are set up so you can't win, it's time to change the game." Sounds like a good idea for this case.
I think it may be more of the summer/winter dichotomy. Summer's fool is acting obscurely, so winter counters by foiling the game, or at least changing the parameters.
As Queen Winter just stated she doesnt want to be bothered with petty things so by revealing the price means that Spooky will have to be very desperate and the situation may be amusing to the Queens.
And Puck has the nerve to look surprised by how Spooky is Taking it......*Snerk*Hehehehhahahah!
ummmm i know it might get asked alot but how long till we see ruby again
I'm pretty sick at the moment, so I'm gonna keep this kinda quick. Truth is no, no one's asked when Ruby's going to show up again before now. When will she...? When she's part of the story again. :)
I love Puck's look. "What? Didn't I mention that? No? Sorry..."
Important lesson of the Fey realm. If you don't ask, no one will tell you aka the buyer beware syndrome.
Darls Chickens
"What's this going to cost me?" I learned that question right here. Get well soon, my dear.
Damn! I'm not sure who would be MORE dangerous. Winter isn't mad about the whole affair, she simply lays the cards on the table and gives advice. Dark and straight forward. Summer on the other hand, is simply enjoying this! I think that scares me more...
Summer should be winking as she gives that last quip. That's the tone of voice I get from her there. Now, the question is do the Queens always travel together, or just when called by name? And does Puck himself owe someone a Debt for knowing the names, or is it just because he was old enough to know the names before they were Ascended?
Again, sick so trying to answer quick. Please excuse any odd errors in typing. The Queens tend to stay in their own domains. If one leaves her domain, the other immediately feels the pull to go with her. So yes, they pretty much always travel together. This is to stop one Queen from doing something that would greatly upset the balance between the Courts. Call one Queen, you get both. And yes, it counts as using both names. As to Puck... that's a spoiler. You'll find the answer in time. :)
There are many questions, how does Puck's liver taste among them. Is the debt owed to the vessel or the inner power? Can he visit home for a short spell? How does he contact home?
Darc, you're sick so stop answering posts. We can honestly wait a day or two for your replies. BTW I love how you did the Queens. Going to be a bit sorry to have them leave the story for a while.
Of course the Queen had to tell about the debt. They are entering into a contract, if the terms are not spelled out, then it isn't binding. Even the Queens have rules they must play by.
I like the fact that Spooky is being so respectful to Winter. I'm not sure if it's ingrained manners or well-informed fear, though. Either way, a very smart guy!
Remember Spooky's upbringing. He's not upper class, but he's certainly not lower class. Manners would have been something drilled into him along with the necessity for good tea and that steely British resolve.
In another web comic universe, they stated that the fae were created as servants by a now extinct race. They have laws written into their genes that they cannot break. Whether this has anything to do with this web comic world is unknown. Some differences have been revealed, so this is meaningless here.
Iron Ed
Y'know; I can just see the next panel being a close-up of Spooky's fist impacting Puck's nose. :-) - I'm back and forth on my 'favorite' queen. I started with Summer, but now I'm more a Winter fan. Looks great in the 2nd panel, but Summer's good in the last panel too.
Well! Now it makes perfect sense to only trade names if he stayed in the realm of the Fae (and lived forever); otherwise, it'd be a waste of a perfectly good investment! Why have a thrall only for them to die of old age, when you can have them enthralled for eternity?
Darc, thanks for the answer. :) BTW: I want to gush about the gowns you have the Queens wearing. Did you find the pattern for a Bliaut online, or just find this in your imagination?
Haven't commented in a while but I did want to say this. I've had a look back at previous strips and the like, most notably those involving treaty night. I must say while the queens looked great before, in _this_ strip/arc they are incredibly well-designed. All the detail and everything, it just looks fantastic!
I find it interesting that everyone seems to be assuming that Spooky will be indebted to the QUEENS. If you look at how it was phrased, he might be indebted to PUCK for giving him the names. Mind you, he may still find himself indebted to the QUEENS just to balance the tables relative to whatever his asks. Just to toss the idea out there.