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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should always ask to read the fine print.

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Well, at least she warned him. That puts her a few steps above ol' Puck on the Trustworthiness Scale (but then, tricksters often are fairly low on that scale anyway).
as you say tricksters are not very high up on the trustworthiness scale. But it makes me wonder how does the true name of the Queen's as embodiment of the seasonss or are they the true names of the Queen's as the current vessels.
Eternity as a thrall, maybe even an eventual promotion to lackey? Or even dare I say, Flunky? Wait. That's less then thrall. Regardless, very interesting there...three times to command the rather scary.
Then I suppose that getting onto the "Mook" and "Minion" lists is well nigh impossible...
Iron Ed
Downright enthralling! :-)
Why did she warn him, though? Is it because she has to warn him because of rules or because doing so is in her best interests? I suppose she might not want him to be Puck's thrall for whatever reason.
could be her sense the fair play. After all all puck warned him was that after the third time the names would no longer work.
The Fae have certain rules they must follow. One of those is to tell the truth. Of course, no one has to tell the entire truth or even phrase it so that it's clearly understood. The Queens have even more rules restricting them because of their powers. Mostly the extra rules apply to what they can and can't do to one another and the rest of the Fae but even mortals can be covered by the rules. Guess one of the rules dealing with their names must be that the person who obtains the names be aware of the debt before any use is made of the names.
That seems likely, but what also seems likely is that Winter does not want Spooky to USE the names, and this will make him think twice about it.
That seems likely, but what also seems likely is that Winter does not want Spooky to USE the names, and this will make him think twice about it.
But Winter said "Our debt will be paid", which implies that he'll end up a thrall of both of the Fae Queens. The deal with Puck was just to get the names, and the price is staying in the fae realm for eternity. I think this is a move to undermine Summer and Puck a bit, as well as to make sure he knows the rules.
Well also there's the little point of who bcomes the Thrall. It seems she was a little vague on who does the paying and with Fey, that's a potentially dangerous vague statement. User of the name or the one it was first given too? Winter might be even more trickier then we all think.
I just checked the Word Bible on this: "Once the name has been used to control the Fey three times, the user becomes the possession of whoever told them the name." So Spooky would become Puck's Thrall.
Ethan Qix
It might also be just out of spite for Puck. Winter doesn't seem like the kind to forgive and forget ^^
"I will be real careful then... By the way Summer, Winter I both of you need to relax, were these outfits instead!" *give them MLP costumes *
I 100% support this plot direction. Seconded.
A warning from Winter? Considering it was a deal between Puck and Spooky, did she have to mention that point? Obviously She doesn't like Spooky, but what's really her point. Interesting.
Jenora Feuer
Of course, she doesn't really like Puck either, and may consider this a way of tossing a bomb into Puck's plans. Granted, Puck doesn't necessarily so much make PLANS as he stirs up chaos and grabs what advantage he can while things are still settling back down. So thwarting Puck is a bit of a fool's errand in itself.
its a warning, plain and simple. the aim of the warning is to show spooky why he never wants to use the names.
Spooky: *Raises his hand* "Question?" Winter Queen: "Yes?" Spooky: "Does writing your names down count as speaking them?"
This is also because for the 'dark' side, things are, quite honestly, more fair. You do well, you get rewarded. You do poorly, and you are punished. it engenders a certain.. upfront-ness to things.. If you want something done a certain way, you TELL the person how you want it done. Besides.. the 3 boons gig is how Fey have ensared mortals that thought themselves something clever since the dawn of man..
Awww, and here I was hoping we'd get to see Winter smile about something. But the lass is all business! ;) Joking aside, I'd listen to her warning if I were you, Spooky.
Oh gods, I just thought of something. Why would Darc be showing this unless he has used it up two times and he will say the name a third time to save Jinx?? Goodness i hope i'm wrong.
At least I'm not the only one who thought of that. What he's been doing since makes a lot more sense if he still has his freedom, after all.
I see a loophole. What if he only says one name at a time? That way he could get 4 boons before worrying about that debt, and 6 times in total. Interesting little loophole, unless he *must* say both names at the same time, but that has not been mentioned, nor implied.
That works out to giving eternal life on top of the three boons; I'm not so sure the queens have thought this through terribly well.
Once you're stuck in the Fey Realm you pretty much have eternal life anyway. The difference is, Spooky is free to live as he chooses to at the moment, but if he was a thrall he would be forced to do whatever the fey controlling him told him to do. It's not a matter of not thinking things through; those are just the Rules (and no one said the Queens made the Rules).
Eternal life in the Fey Realm wouldn't be all that appealing since you would lose contact with your loved ones as well as outlive them. Also, as much as people think the Fae like to control mortals they actually prefer the mortals to have free will. Makes it more of a challenge and a lot more fun to win their little "contests".
We know for sure he used it once: to call them to the first Treaty Night. However, now that Brighttail has mentioned it, I also now worry he's only got one boon remaining.
Justin S
Anybody else find themselves staring into Winter's eyes? Cause... she's got some amazing eyes. Anybody?
Me! She has some impressive stage presence. Hats off to the artist!
Just discovered this comic yesterday, finally caught up (and now I have to go do my maths homework, sigh) - lovely work and compelling story, thank you for sharing!
Thank you! :D Good luck with the maths homework!