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Issue 18 - Page 09

It seems the Winter Queen is suspicious of Roderick as well. No good can come from this.

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Does the Winter Queen actually like anything/one? Though I can't imagine a lot of good coming from that either.
hmm it seems there's not much winter likes as is. Btw anyone else notice that summer and winter's eyes are exact opposites of each other. (Summer, Black Iris yellow sclera / Winter, black sclera yellow iris)
"the knight and Winter are currently enemies with benefits, an arrangement both of them dislike, but refuse to cancel"...sorry for that
Seems like a lot of scrutinizing is going on here. Summer interrogating her Fool. Spooky observing both of them and Winter watching Spooky closely the whole time. Spooky and Puck aren't the only ones being sneaky here and for someone like Winter, that certainly can't be good.XD
Ahhhhh Roderick and Madb have the same levels of sneaking suspicion and information gathering ability...Interesting indeed! I am LOVING where this all is going. :) Thank you all so much again!
No, I do not think Madb would like Spooky's devotion to his Queen, nor the lengths he'd go to serve her. But what shall she do about it, now that he's trapped within the Realms?
i think winter is upset that spooky is too observant and too willing , able to suppress his own fear for the sake of his loyalty
Spooky is driven by duty and will. He is not one to simply "give in" to overriding fear. I think that the Queen of Air and Darkness has surmised that the mortals of the modern world are not like that the one's of old.