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Issue 18 - Page 08

You may be cute, Scotty, but you're still a little brat.

Sorry again for the slight shift in update schedule this week. Thanks for sticking with me and my little migraine goblins.

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Ya know...that deep pithy statement is prolly a whole lot more effective than "leave her alone"
Iron Ed
"Cute" and "Brat" don't generally apply to the same person. Scotty is just an arrogant, obnoxious, little brat to me. ...but then, I'm the eldest of seven AND I used to babysit the neighborhood kids. A rather high percentage of kids are obnoxious little brats to me. ;-) :-) :-)
Scotty, if those queens don't scare you, I don't think you've been paying attention.
very true
Scotty may be bratty, but he'll never get a chance to really "grow" out of it. I feel a bit bad for him.
If they are all "Fey locked" except maybe Hunter... Can you imagine putting up with that brat forever?
I would imagine that they do age somewhat, just very slowly. There is turnover among the fey, so the mortals should age as well.
HEX the Dark
His eye… reminds me of someone.
Probably isn't the best life for children here. One could only imagine what it was like for normal people before Spooky came here.