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Issue 18 - Page 07

Why didn't Roderick and Puck run off during Summer and Winter's discussion? As the quote from The Last Unicorn says, "never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention."

Summer and Winter are actually Aspects. The power inherent in these two Queens is truly immortal. If a QueenÂ’s body should die, their Aspect will choose a new body - usually the next most powerful - from her Court. The Queens will go to great lengths to avoid this as each body takes time to get used to the power and retains all the memories of the previous incarnation, including the dying.

It takes a great deal of power for a Fey to switch Courts. Very few have enough strength to do so.

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The look on puck's face is PRICELESS. Also, I can't help but notice the wording: he won't try to usurp. Doesn't mean he won't try to make an entirely new aspect for himself...
I was thinking something along the same thing. Maybe an aspect of the spring or fall since both stand between both summer and winter
Darls Chickens
He would never *try* to usurp. So Donna and Shelley suspect he wants to become the _mistress_? Does ascent to the throne cause immediate feminization? Are there no Oberons? "Fae has no king...Fae needs no king!" (I don't remember any kings in the mortal world, either.) This Aspect thing sounds like just another nasty body snatcher/soul gobbler. Here, I agree with Puck.
I have to say puck is becoming more more impressive as time goes on. I wonder if he's also coyote or is he and coyote have been in league with each other in the past
No desire to lose himself... now isn't THAT an interesting choice of words...
Sounds like becoming the new queen is a sort of death for she who used to own the new vessel.
It is. The Queen takes over the body and kills off the previous personality but as Darc said, all the memories remain and become part of the Queen. Most tales of the Fae say that the Queen has to kill the new body to be able to inhabit it. Although there are some that say all she has to do is possess it and kill off the previous personality. Either way, the original owner of the body is lost.
Now Summer just seems terrifying. The way she just shifted from angry to being too calm just amplifies it. *Shudders*
Agreed! I love how she starts off all warm and smiling and then turns dangerous in a second.
Part of me wonders if trying to avoid becoming an aspect is the -reason- he's changed courts. Most powerful creature in one court? The only future is to loose oneself at the next queen expiry date!
Hmmmmmm....Summer showing that she has claws. Long claws made of the sun. Ouch!
HEX the Dark
Yes. Because the Aspect of Mischief is absolutely unheard of...
Please, please keep this going as long as possible! I only wish you could see the smile on my face now. These chains of events are probably the most fun I've read in a comic in a while.
Puck, Loki, Coyote et al . . . all avatars of a primeval trickster god? I recall reading of one avatar who was known as the god of crossroads. He would misdirect travelers by sometimes giving them false directions and sometimes not. How successful a trickster would he be if he could be depended on lead you astray every time? As a mentor of mortals, it was his task to make us look and think. Mortals have worshiped all of gods we have ever imagined. Their priests have told us to believe in them, no matter how treacherous they were. Still, perhaps the god we really need is the one who believes in us and lets us know he is treacherous.
Interesting. "...If a Queen’s body should die, their Aspect will choose a new body - usually the next most powerful - from her Court..." Does not pay to become too strong then, else you might find yourself being "consumed" in an emergency...
Dyne Solweaver
I could see Puck as lord of the Wild Fae, similar to the Earl King in the Dresden Files series.
Switching courts as a defense would work only if there was someone in the new court perceived as being more powerful. This would also encourage court members to support the current queen, as supposed to seeking power yourself.
Good advice. I'd hate to have Summer and Winter on my tail for the rest of my mortal life.
In Spooky's case they are now on his tail forever or till he's killed
Well that first sentence in your comment, Darc, answered my previous question earlier.
Well that first sentence in your comment, Darc, answered my previous question earlier.
Something also to remember, All fae are, by 'mortal standards, mad as a box of hatters.. It would stand to reason that their queens would be the most 'pathic of the bunch... In retrospect.. Remembering your own deaths again and again can't do good things for any psyche..
It occurs to me that if Puck is the most powerful of the fae he might well wish to hide that fact. He would not have to worry as much about number 2 trying to take his job if no one was aware he had something to covet.
Eric Bloedow
i've been reading the "dresden files" novels, and in those stories, if a queen dies, her power goes into the nearest female-fae OR human! possibly a random human who doesn't believe Fae exist!
Incorrect. The FaeQueen aspect goes to one who has been Fae-Touched, either by being Fae-blooded, or by long-contact with a True-Fae. The new Queen is also within a few yards of the old.
Puck is very much scared of losing who he is, and I expect any Fae is more scared of becoming the new Queen than even cold iron. Iron just kills you. Queenhood makes you a non-person, someone who is there 'there' inside the head, but utterly bonded to the Aspect for as long as there is Summer & Winter.
Loki the trickster? Loki was the personification of Evil; his 'tricks' were nearly all destructive. The Norse loved the tales in which Loki outsmarted himself; the rest of the time they feared him. Loki differs from Lucifer in that Lucifer was condemned to be evil; Loki enjoys it.