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Issue 18 - Page 06

Sorry for the sudden vacation day Monday. The Slacker Tracker has been updated. In other news, it looks like Winter hired Elsa from Frozen to handle her home decor and Puck's a Court hopper. Oh dear.

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Is dear Puck playing both sides against that middle?
That explains his markings!
To be fair here Puck is something of a grifter. Would anyone really trust him given his reputation?
Okay. Looks like an incoming smackdown...but more, I detect...a competition and trial developing...
Well Puck looks rather small and pathetic in that image. I get the impression those weren't exactly happy times for Puck. Also hope you break was restful Darc.
I'm not sure if painting a room is restful, but it was productive. :D The guest room is all ready for furniture now.
His horns are shorter, too. (Nice detail, Darc!) Time has definitely passed.
Ooh, Summer does not look happy about what Winter is saying. Isn't it usually really messy when the Fey queens decide to have a spat?
At present, I think that Spooky and Puck would do well to high tail it out of there and let the queens have their meow - meow fight.
Or rather, their high spirited conversation with magical claws.
Looks like Puck got driven into the other side. What is the goal?
Gee, why am I not surprised? Oh, it's because I'm familiar with how Mab operates! Puck may have switched sides, but I can understand WHY!
Puck looks so SAD in Winter's court! I just want to shnuggle him and boop his nose!
Olde Phart with no plastic. REALLY enjoy Hunter! Where to send ca$h donation?
A good trickster knows how to play both sides against the middle for his eventual gain. Look at Frank Underwood in House of Cards. He is a master. The problem always is when have you pushed one side too far? I'm very interested to see what happens when the Queens find themselves in a big disagreement. I'm sure others will suffer the consequences.. IE massive ice, followed by massive floods.
Yes this also explains Puck's markings, well played, Darc. Something we should have seen a while ago, that was in front of us the whole time. Puck also seems very effeminate, probably why he was so convincing as the other form, Helen was it?
Spooky: Uhm.. If it's all the same to you here, I'll just.. uhm.. be going.. Bye! *fwish*
bob cleveland
The Fey Queens having a spat is kind of like having Mother Nature involved in Urban Renewal or landscaping. You DO NOT want to go there.
Justin S
First time commenter and I've gotta say I could see how mortals would fall for the queens of the fey court. Summer is beautiful and Winter is nothing if not brutally honest. I've been playing Kingdoms of Amalur lately and they deal a lot in the fey and their legends, and I get a little excited to see the similarities matching up between this and the game. (Granted the RCSI aren't going around slaying trolls with massive broadswords or spells) And as the game explained, neither court is evil, they merely embody what they embody. Summer is life and warmth and birth and Winter is death and decay and cold. Neither is evil or wicked, they're just what they are and can be no more or no less. I love this comic!
The Fey as played here are characters of Northern climes. The equivalent from much farther south might reverse the alignment, with Summer being the one more feared.
Why would they be? Summer in the southern hemisphere is going to be just as much a season of growth as it is in the northern. Don't confuse the fact that the times of the season are reversed; think of it as just another expression of the cyclical nature of the Fey - while Winter holds sway in the north, Summer holds sway in the south, and vice versa.