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Issue 18 - Page 05

I agree with Roderick. Getting water up your nose sucks.

For those of you confused by the slight change in the Queens' looks - yes, these are the same Queens. I've been spending the last few years working to improve my drawing skills. Most of the Treaty Night pages are nearly three years old. Changes happen. These changes mean that I'm improving. It's a good thing.

edit - March 1st: I will be using one of my vacation days Monday, March 3rd. A friend is coming to live with us in a few weeks and we still have to finish painting the guest room and assembling the furniture. So, this weekend will be for painting so we can build furniture next weekend when the walls are dry. We'll return Wednesday with page six. Thanks guys and sorry for the delay.

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Iron Ed
Talking about The Queens' looks? I think Winter is -especially- well done! Second panel is my favorite of Summer, and both of Puck's. The light/shadow is very good on Puck, and on Roderick in his last panel. Yes, Darc, you -are- improving!
I take it Winter didn't get her position from overlooking daggers at her back or ignoring vipers in her presence? Either she's referring to Puck's actions at the end there or she suspects Spooky is loyal to someone that could be a threat. Also the art is still lovely. I like how even when not dressing to impress, they're still impressive to see.
I love the way that summer's hair curls around her forehead-jem.
It's details like this that keep me coming back to this comic again and again.
I for one enjoy seeing artists improve as they go :3 I gotta say, if there's one Fey Queen I'd be doomed to serve, I'd prefer summer over winter by far...
I can't fall winter for being a little cautious. It seems that she has a hint at the larger picture before even getting more information on what's going on
Knowing that they're both Fey, I'd guess Summer sees the larger picture too and is feigning obliviousness as a jab at Winter to make her annoyed / look foolish.
it's entirely possible it's also possible to summer foresees the problems being problems for winter and not herself
Fae are generally much more concerned with other Fae than they are mere mortals.
knowing what we know by now about both courts - one being about trickery, the other about brute force - I'd put the wild hunt under the winter court. While the summer court doesn't give a thing about the humans, they wouldn't like the winter court gaining too much power. What Puck has done now will harm Winter much more than Summer, so she's right to be annoyed.
I just realized that the summer court has much more to gain since they gain prestige by working mischief despite and within the rules. Puck is creating a new game for the summer court -and- annoying the winter court in one move. And winter can't really accuse him of favoritism since he gave away summer's name too. A feat of trickery like this is why he is Puck, I'd say. In case noone noticed, I'm half asleep and ranting a bit.
I had a similar though not exactly the same train of thought myself
I let my vote come on the side of Summer is willing to let Rodrick burn himself with such knowledge, where Winter is more "Do we HAVE to go through these problems again?"
bob cleveland
If the Fey Queens do not recognize Moraine and a threat she is not doing something right.
Ah, but this is in the past, remember? This is the meeting with moraine that will color all future events with her, in their eyes.
Looking at the Winter Queen reminds me of that great scene in the Fellowship of the Ring when Galadriel is briefly tempted by the One Ring. "All shall love me and dispair!" For while Winter is terrifying in this sequence, she's still beautiful. Excellent work by the artist! :)
Intresting that one Queen trusts Puck and the other does not. What game is he playing this time?
Panel 1, Puck is all "who, mee?" Next to last panel, Puck is suddenly "ooops, that could have been me." Still Darc, you have improved steadily and the Queens look "Beautiful and Terrible as the Sea"
Iron Ed
I think panel one is more Puck's "smug" look. I agree with you for the rest though! :-)
>.>... Definitely for the better. Just absolutely loving your style, and the queens have ne'er looked more beautiful or frightening.
Godel Fishbreath
The fey can change their looks over time anyway. Maybe put on a different look like we would put on different clothes? Would that handwave explaination help?
That's not a vacation day. That's clearly a floating holiday and should not count against your regular paid time off :D
Iron Ed
Every time I see Winter in that last panel, she some how manages to seem pensive, calculating, and seductive at the same time.
Winter: "It is not the mortal whose motives concern me." ...But rather the mortal's master. Winter is right to be concerned.
Scotty K.
WOW! It's been a while since I read CN:H! I love how well it looks!! Sorry its been so long Darc, I still love this comic! I think I've read it from begining to end like 5 times!!