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Issue 18 - Page 04

Apparently diving into a wooded thicket isn't an effective form of camouflage when the Fey Queens are involved. Who knew?

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Iron Ed
raises hand... I knew! I knew! I find it interesting that the queens are wearing basically the same dress except for color. :-)
Not sure of all the myths and legends in the CNH universe. If they apply I can think of 2 that would make it hard to hide especially from the queens. Their connection to the natural world as the embodiment of the season and the ability to sense mortals
Well, judging by the last two pages, Spooky wasn't exactly perfectly camouflaged to begin with, either. Then again he didn't have long TO hide, so... :P Gotta say, I am loving how you're contrasting the two queens here. I love the use of colour here in particular; the way they're glowing is just gorgeous. It really adds to how otherworldly they are.
Well, I figured that Puck had an angle. So what is it and how does he think he can pull it off and Poor Spooky is now up to his nose in Fay Queens!
Summer looks a bit intrigued by Puck's latest game. While Winter, on the other, looks to be ready to tear both Puck and Spooky to ribbons.
I also notice that Summer didn't ask why he would give their names to a mortal. She asked "why _this_ mortal?" I somewhat suspect that Summer had some advance knowledge that Puck was looking for a mortal to trap this way.
Huh, just noticed Puck's markings seem to be a combination of the Queens'... Anyway, Summer certainly looks interested, but as our Queen stated when talking to Hunter, Puck always works to find amusement for his Queen. Though Winter may take serious exception to this little game...
Why do I get the feeling that Summer, Fey Queen that she is, is a little more inclined to be playful and less 'I'm going to kill everything ever'?
Hmm, is it me or do they seem nicer... or younger?
Oooooooh, it looks like like Summer is all about the game and Winter is all about the hunt. As such, Summer is very interested in what excitement this could bring her, while Winter seems bitterly slighted by Puck's actions.
I have to say I'm getting more more into how the queens are reacting to this. I think that the main thing that went to reduce worried about it said this isn't something that's gonna come and go in the year or two. While summer sees it as the beginning of what will possibly be a interesting and diverting game
SGT Lewis
As annoyed as winter may be, she seems intrigued as well. Even though you live for centuries, you might get very bored of the same old same old. Entertainment may be hard to find after a while.
Are these even the same Queens? Summer's face looks different, her ears not as sharp as her first appearance at Treaty Night.
These are the same Queens. The first appearance of the Queens was over three years ago (Originally they appeared on the Supporters side in late 2010). Darc has been studying and refining her skills in the intervening 4 years, there are going to be inevitable evolutions and improvements in character design.
Eric Bloedow
that "camouflage" line reminded me of a scene in "tales of the Questor": a seghlie fey is being dragged along by the Wild Hunt, and the leader orders her to look for the hero's tracks. she sees HIM, but says, "i see no tracks."