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Issue 18 - Page 03

Part two of the two page spread.

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----- comment.. Spooky looks a little nervous.. The names are double edged since they can only be used so many times
That's quite a difference in the queens looks. Summer's face seems to say, "What have you been up to now Puck" while Winter's face looks like she's thinking of setting him ablaze where he stands. I'm guessing they know he told someone their names.
more like free some solid where he stands but yeah I'm surprised the puck has any real chance to get out of this the course we know he does. After all he is the puck.
I kind of assume Puck has a certain amount of clout here. After all, he knew the names to begin with...
The spoken word of their name is a summons if I remember correctly
"PUCK?!" "... oh fewmets"
Ho boy, our favorite trickster is in trouble now. XD And I realized that the complete center panel would make an AMAZING desktop wallpaper...
Y'know? Even all skeletal and stuff, I still find the Winter Queen to be attractive. I guess one could say I like her for her body? But in all fairness though, great job on these last two/one page(s). Your artwork never ceases to amaze me.
*chants* Two queens enter.. one mortal... Runs while leaving a streak!
Iron Ed
A brown streak? ;-)
"Puck, fetch my brown pants."