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It's time for Issue 18 to begin. Here's the synopsis for this issue...

While waiting for the recon team to return, Max listens to a story told by the changeling, Gillian. But is Gillian's story really just a fairy tale, or something more? Part III.

2014-02-17 00:24:03 
Ah Yea, Moraine is drawing a line in the sand.
2014-02-17 01:17:39 
After just seeing Frozen, this image makes me think Elsa. And then I noticed the tank. Aren't Fey allergic to iron? Do clothes really protect them from that? If they do, why don't they just wear ski-masks and gloves while amongst the mortals?
2014-02-17 01:19:20 
And then after thinking for a moment after I hit submit, I encountered a realization: That's isn't a Fey, is it? :/
2014-02-17 01:57:14 
Yes fey are allergic to iron. Even with gloves and ski mask that would protect the everything
2014-02-17 02:27:56 
That is not a Fey. That is Queen Moraine when she's not pretending she isn't the most badass mage in England.
2014-02-17 08:43:35 
Ohhhh is that a tank OwO iv always been interested in the interaction of technology and magic. i would be the first to try and en-scribe magic and technology together :D
2014-02-17 08:57:03 
Yes, that's Morraine, drawing the line that becomes the Treaty. Of course you know, if she wasn't specific to whom the treaty was swore, once Morraine dies the Treaty may be over.
2014-02-17 09:41:16 
Oooooohhhhh... I can't WAIT for this!
eric bloedow
2014-02-17 21:36:07 
i've read several fantasy stories where shooting a Fey with iron bullets would be very effective...but in this story the presence of magic can make guns fail, which changes things.
2014-02-19 10:22:07 
Again you have made one of the most stunning full page pieces around. I am never disappointed in your work Darc. Keep it up!