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Rummy's a climbing fool, apparently. When it's not safe for you to go through the front door, it's time to put on the hand claws and scale the wall.

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He an agile one alright. Hope he doesn't slip up.
Iron Ed
Rummy will be fine; he had lessons from Butterfly! ('Sandra & Woo' ref. ;-))
I hadn't realized how small Greer was until this comic. He looks like a child! I mean, I guess that makes sense given his mental maturity, but still, he's at *least* a hundred years old by now!
Some goblins are short and some are tall, just like people. :)
wait is he wearing climbing spikes is he claims that wall?
Yes. Yes he is. And it's a very nice touch, too. Not many artists would even take such things into account!
Yay for spiky ninja tools!
Yay for spiky ninjas!
Thank you. You give me hope finding a contemporary furry artist who does perspective so well. Also thank you for being the shine of sanity that keeps me working call-center.
Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm still trying to get the hang of perspective, so anytime I can work some in is good. Have you ever seen Kittiara's work? She's absolutely amazing.
Great job as usual, I for one wouldn't mind trading places with greer.
Thank you. Heh, Greer does have a good seat. :)
Hey I know what our spiky friend is using! Thos claws are Japanese based equipment. Ninjas used them to scale walls and stuff.
Is it just me, or do Spooky's ears seem to be getting longer and longer? Or is he some species of jackal?
Those hand claws are called Shuko, in case anyone cares.
Tree McCurdy
Methinks I sense real life experience with hedgehogs. (How can something so football-shaped climb so well?!)
I've never been around a hedgehog, I'm afraid. But, we did have two guinea pigs for a while. I never would have thought critters shaped like them could move so fast. *laughs*
Iron Ed
Mom had a guinea pig when I was a teenager. She read that they could not jump and would not come when called; hers did both! :-)
We once had a guinea pig that could jump three feet straight up. He never came when called, though.
One of ours never seemed to hear too well, but he'd always start bouncing around doing his "happy dance" whenever the vacuum was running or Aretha Franklin was on the radio. :D
A friend of mine was getting hedgehogs from a dealer. Another elder lady was there at the same time picking out pups, and told him "Oh, I just love hedgehogs! All they do is eat, sleep and screw."
*laughs* Sounds like half the people I went to college with. :D
Iron Ed
I like that first panel! Nice job of putting the background in the background while making the foreground characters stand out. Last panel is good too. Very nice perspective and sense of altitude, Darc.
Thank you. I've been using some layering tricks to help fade the backgrounds a bit. A layer of soft yellow at 10% opacity between the foreground and mid-ground with another yellow layer at 10%-20% between mid-ground and background seems to work well.
If their using gear like those claws, I think the agents outside of the fey world should use swordcanes!