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Things just got complicated...

In other news, I hate drawing buildings.

Iron Ed
2014-02-07 00:28:13 
But you draw such -nice- buildings! Perspective is wonderful on this one too. I feel like I should just lean farther and farther back until I fall over!
2014-02-07 03:04:14 
somehow it always comes down to the people that you want to deal with the least
Hex the Dark
2014-02-07 05:00:14 
Jup, looks cool! The building.
2014-02-07 07:54:44 
The good news: Excellent page! Beautiful building and sky! The bad news: The colors in the sky. Sunset. Nyx is rapidly running out of time, and is probably already feeling the effects. The worse news: Beings in the business of trafficking mortals will probably not welcome Specter, and information will not come cheap. The worst news: Gavin will likely be free of babyminding duties soon, and will be able to investigate why the mortals were in the market. This is going to cost them all - badly.
2014-02-07 08:44:25 
You might hate drawing buildings but you draw such beautiful ones. No dull, flat buildings from you. And I like the name of the place.
2014-02-07 09:23:36 
I suppose that the last line in the last panel is a quote from you, eh, Darc?
Welsh Halfwit
2014-02-07 15:19:27 
Well, you can buy anything at deHarrods...
2014-02-07 16:57:11 
You may hate drawing them, but they are AMAZING structures! If you ever give this up, you'd be a wicked architect, I think.
2014-02-07 21:34:19 
Let me add to the compliments on the building. I especially love the knotwork beasts. BTW: my mum-in-law gave me a Harrod's carry-bag one Xmas. I still get a lot of use out of it, its' very well made for a tourist's souvenior.
2014-02-09 02:23:45 
I wonder how interesting this next guy is that spec would have cause to avoid him? Hmmm... Oh and hey! Nice building! And I agree! Buildings are sooooo haaaarrrrrd!!!
2014-02-10 15:42:03 
Thanks guys! I wanted DeHarrods to look large and intimidating. Hopefully it worked out that way.