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Conversations - Page 11

Things just got complicated...

In other news, I hate drawing buildings.

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Iron Ed
But you draw such -nice- buildings! Perspective is wonderful on this one too. I feel like I should just lean farther and farther back until I fall over!
somehow it always comes down to the people that you want to deal with the least
Hex the Dark
Jup, looks cool! The building.
The good news: Excellent page! Beautiful building and sky! The bad news: The colors in the sky. Sunset. Nyx is rapidly running out of time, and is probably already feeling the effects. The worse news: Beings in the business of trafficking mortals will probably not welcome Specter, and information will not come cheap. The worst news: Gavin will likely be free of babyminding duties soon, and will be able to investigate why the mortals were in the market. This is going to cost them all - badly.
You might hate drawing buildings but you draw such beautiful ones. No dull, flat buildings from you. And I like the name of the place.
I suppose that the last line in the last panel is a quote from you, eh, Darc?
Welsh Halfwit
Well, you can buy anything at deHarrods...
You may hate drawing them, but they are AMAZING structures! If you ever give this up, you'd be a wicked architect, I think.
Let me add to the compliments on the building. I especially love the knotwork beasts. BTW: my mum-in-law gave me a Harrod's carry-bag one Xmas. I still get a lot of use out of it, its' very well made for a tourist's souvenior.
I wonder how interesting this next guy is that spec would have cause to avoid him? Hmmm... Oh and hey! Nice building! And I agree! Buildings are sooooo haaaarrrrrd!!!
Thanks guys! I wanted DeHarrods to look large and intimidating. Hopefully it worked out that way.