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Specter is immune to intimidation stare tactics.

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Wait, Specter actually smiled? His reputation will be ruined if this ever gets out. ;)
Well... that was a twist if I'd ever saw one. The big guy is an elk right? And what animal is specter?
A hound, at a guess. He looks really nice when he smiles. And Darroch might be an elk or a member of the deer family that is native to the U.K. Either way, sheesh, is he tall!
"Specter is immune to intimidation stare tactics." -heh- Specter seems to ENJOY intimidation stare tactics! And he learned well from Darroch, at least if his capture / interrogation of Hunter is any indication. Of course, getting hit on the head helps. It is good to see him smile, though. While he may never forget his stolen life and family, at least he is not always grim.
Darls Chickens
More than that, he knows how to be a friend. Makes me wonder how one befriends a fae, showing kindness without the complications of owing favours. Are there decent-hearted fae who understand the difference between being bound and forming a bond? Seems so. I like this stag in the smithy. I wonder if there are allies in Winter's domain as well?
Specter, no. Stop smiling. Bad Specter. Specter is completely adorable when he is smiling, though.
I think we have the real reason for Specter's perpetual frown: without it he's dangerously cute.
my oh my, my respect for these agents continues to grow with each comic well done Darc
Darc, am I wrong in thinking you wanted Darrock to look like one of the extinct Irish Elk? HUGE Megafauna that made Moose look petite.