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When Dante talked about Hell, he must have left out a description. Spending your day at the beck and call of a demanding child should be in there somewhere.

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aha, so it was gav! after the comments yesterday, I still wasnt sure... leave it to chekhov though.
Ahhhhh, she seemed so sweet for the first panel that showed her face. Then it shifted so we could see the family scowl on her face.
I'm sure Her Royal Majesty has made it clear what will happen to Gavin if he doesn't do as the little girl says.
Iron Ed
Yes, Jinx is a sweetheart. Better keep on eye on the horse though; looks like someone else is interested in a snack. And I do not mean Gavin! :-) Very nice job with shadows under the walkers, and the misty fade-out in the distance, Darc.
Until I hear otherwise, I'm calling that girl Veruca!
A bad egg?
"Don't care how; I want it nooooooooooooooow!" (Honk honk)
There's a lot of depth in the first panel, Gavin is so close in the foreground that he's almost hiding in plain sight.
A just punishment for Gavin indeed.
Iron Ed
Agreed; very true! Especially considering Gavin had also been endangering Queen Moraine's grandson when he attacked Hunter. :-)
HEX the Dark
I am shocked that noone has commented on the redheaded, clearly non-fairy girl in the first panel to the right who is obviously a sort of slave or something.
Eric Bloedow
yes, i saw that slave girl too, and for a minute i thought it was Nyx, the one they are looking for, but no. Nyx is white with black spots.
I think thats the winter queens daughter... would they have children? Is it possible for the fey to have children like mortals do?
Have children? Yes. Like mortals do? No.
Hmmm... interesting. You know what would be really interesting? If a fey would fall for a mortal!
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"?
Speaking of the fey. I thing the most dangerous fey in this comice is darc
Oh dear...Gavin gets to...BABYSIT. >.>
Iron Ed
Yeah; "gets to". ;-) :-) :-)
Ok I know that isn't the jesters name but still he's dangerous!
I'm just going to guess this is some spoiled princess until I'm proven otherwise