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When Dante talked about Hell, he must have left out a description. Spending your day at the beck and call of a demanding child should be in there somewhere.

2014-02-03 00:05:46 
aha, so it was gav! after the comments yesterday, I still wasnt sure... leave it to chekhov though.
2014-02-03 00:17:00 
Ahhhhh, she seemed so sweet for the first panel that showed her face. Then it shifted so we could see the family scowl on her face.
2014-02-03 00:24:51 
I'm sure Her Royal Majesty has made it clear what will happen to Gavin if he doesn't do as the little girl says.
Iron Ed
2014-02-03 00:46:51 
Yes, Jinx is a sweetheart. Better keep on eye on the horse though; looks like someone else is interested in a snack. And I do not mean Gavin! :-) Very nice job with shadows under the walkers, and the misty fade-out in the distance, Darc.
2014-02-03 01:10:48 
Until I hear otherwise, I'm calling that girl Veruca!
2014-02-03 04:26:41 
A bad egg?
2014-02-05 01:11:23 
"Don't care how; I want it nooooooooooooooow!" (Honk honk)
2014-02-03 04:28:41 
There's a lot of depth in the first panel, Gavin is so close in the foreground that he's almost hiding in plain sight.
2014-02-03 07:35:53 
A just punishment for Gavin indeed.
Iron Ed
2014-02-03 21:41:42 
Agreed; very true! Especially considering Gavin had also been endangering Queen Moraine's grandson when he attacked Hunter. :-)
HEX the Dark
2014-02-03 12:23:26 
I am shocked that noone has commented on the redheaded, clearly non-fairy girl in the first panel to the right who is obviously a sort of slave or something.
Eric Bloedow
2014-02-03 12:32:04 
yes, i saw that slave girl too, and for a minute i thought it was Nyx, the one they are looking for, but no. Nyx is white with black spots.
2014-02-04 01:02:43 
I think thats the winter queens daughter... would they have children? Is it possible for the fey to have children like mortals do?
2014-02-04 01:43:08 
Have children? Yes. Like mortals do? No.
2014-02-04 02:13:08 
Hmmm... interesting. You know what would be really interesting? If a fey would fall for a mortal!
2014-02-04 07:28:14 
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"?
2014-02-04 02:19:50 
Speaking of the fey. I thing the most dangerous fey in this comice is darc
2014-02-04 04:29:28 
Oh dear...Gavin gets to...BABYSIT. >.>
Iron Ed
2014-02-04 21:10:17 
Yeah; "gets to". ;-) :-) :-)
2014-02-04 10:38:42 
Ok I know that isn't the jesters name but still he's dangerous!
2014-02-05 02:25:27 
I'm just going to guess this is some spoiled princess until I'm proven otherwise