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Greer got one heck of a favor... a lifetime of protection. Unfortunately, other goblins aren't too happy about him joining up with the mortals.

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Well that's a favor for you, double edged as ever.
Especially when the rest of your peer group doesn't approve.
A lifetime of protection? Nice. Especially since Greer will live for quite a while. Some interesting events must have happened between Spooky, Greer and Moraine; I look forward to hearing more in future (past?) episodes! Excellent work, both artistically and with your writing!
Thank you! :D There's so much to cover, it's a little overwhelming at times.
choo choo george
That's gotta be the scariest looking smithy I ever saw. Man what wonderful detail you put into your artwork all of it looks so alive, just love it.
Thank you! Poor Greer, having to deal with the fellow.
Iron Ed
LOL That gap in the smith's teeth reminds me of when I hit acci-dental-ly myself in the mouth with a (small) hammer. :-) (Yes, I have done some minor blacksmithing, but that's not what I was doing at the time.)
Heh, me too. I've a badly chipped tooth from a few years ago that I still need to have capped. Matt changed jobs soon before it happened and it was a two year wait before the insurance would cover the repair - it was considered cosmetic. Then, soon before the two years were up, he took the current job in CT. *laughs* I'll get it done one day. :D
I like the way greer talks at times! He reminds me of smeagol sometimes. Well in a less menacing and deceitfull kind of way. And less psctsophranic.
Thanks. He's a little hard to write at times, but fun too. :D