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"Leave it," is the command Matt and I use to get Holly, our corgi, to not touch something or to drop what's in her mouth. Apparently it doesn't work as well on Daisy.

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Well that's interesting. A coin for each. I'm not sure of the actual exchange rate. But it seems she was only interested in receiving fair compensation and getting the horse away from her stand. I guess not all Fey are interested in dealing in the exchange of mortals, let alone dealing in business with the troublesome ones? XD
Is she Fey? It can be hard to tell in the CN:H universe with species whose ears don't stand up. Or is it the tattoo-like markings that designate Fey?
The markings are more for fashion than anything else. Some fey have them, some don't. It's all up to personal choice. :D This lady is meant to be fey. Mortals don't tend to run booths. Those who want to make money in the Market have a fey ally acting as the middle man, like Greer is for RCSI. It's safer, and more profitable, that way.
Most fey aren't interested in trafficking mortals. Mortals tend to be opinionated, feisty, argumentative, and all too willing to punch and kick. Fruits and veg are so much easier. They don't talk back. ;D While all fey are willing to offer favors and play tricks on unwary mortals, it's only the ones who want a challenge who purposely go out to catch.
Sounds like to the fey it's almost like Foxhunting!
With the added thrill of the fox possibly packing a can of mace.
Heh, Detective Daisy has momentarily finished checking out the Red Delicious, and is ready to interview the McIntosh. Sooner or later she'll get to the core of the matter.
It's very hard work, but she's dedicated.
Love the veil and filet on her. I wear them myself in the SCA. :) But a "coin" each is probably highway robbery at this point. They're probably "X for 1" normally.
You know what they say, make a profit on the tourists - not to mention anyone you don't like or who annoys you. ;D
I live in WV, and many of my family make a living as River Raft Guides. Charge the tourists $200 to do what we did as a kid for free :-D
Iron Ed
"Detective Daisy" LOL :-) Love the expressions in panels 4 & 5; especially the Lady in 4 and Daisy in 5. That tongue is wonderful! :-)
Thanks! She's just getting herself cleaned up and ready for the next stall. They have cakes.
Heh, I have NEVER seen a non-MLP equine look so smug in my life. Daisy knew EXACTLY what she was doing. XD
She's a cagey girl, that one. :D
So far I'm liking this comic, tho it could use without some of the extra content, but other than that best comic since I began reading evon. I stumbled upon this comic through a link while checking for updates. Good work bro!
Thank you! Yeah, sorry about the slower pace at times. I tend to enjoy comics that show the world and side characters now and then, so that comes out in my work at times. You know, I've never read "Evon". I'll have to go look it up. Thanks! :D
Karma Squirrel
Do all fey have horns, or is that just my impression? Ooh, I suppose Gavin didn't. Nevermind.
Your welcome! And by the way, I've noticed the queens and Roderick's relationship they must've loved been in love, right? Im such a sap for a good romance! :-)
Speaking of romance... I think that princess should have a love interest, wouldn't you agree? Lol things would be pretty interesting if someone showed interest in her.