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Conversations - Page 03

Thanks for the comments and encouragement over the last few pages! I really appreciate it! I've been trying to push the practice and page layouts a bit more, so I'm really glad to hear you all like the way things have been turning out!

I'm sorry for being so quiet lately. I've been bouncing between various things this week. I can't find my brain, I swear!

And yes, Specter and fun are like oil and water... they just don't mix. *grin*

Comments [12]:

Uh oh some how i think this means trouble had started that's To a hungry horse
Love the wrinkled lip before the horse grabs its snack. Poor Rummy, that's gonna cost him
HEX the Dark
"Apples?!" "NOM!"
-heh- Ooops.
Great horse work.... Rummy's mare has a real personality along with a good collection of expressions... bored, grumpy and hungry... and that lip twist is so familiar... one of mine used to create some of the wierdest expressions when about to attack food... or my shoulder ;-)
This horse is already "fae locked" isn't he?
Animals can't become fey-locked.
hanger on, If people getting fae-locked by eating fae food works the way it works, why wouldn't it affect animals?
I'd say because humans eating the food is a choice—even if they're tricked into doing so, or they don't know until after the fact they have the opportunity to have guarded themselves or to have learned better. Animals aren't capable of thinking on that level, that is, "I can't eat this because it's magical."
Considering this is CN:H, I guess I should've written "sentient creatures" and "ordinary animals."
Iron Ed
Love the colors and transparency of the bubbles above Specter.
now, who else reckons that that garb looks familiar - reckon that our unknown questioned in the bottom left panel might be known?