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Issue 17 - Page 23

Um, Roderick, RCSI would like you to know that your insurance plan doesn't cover this.

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Iron Ed
The Queen will not be amused! Poor Roderick. I wonder why he didn't go home until this visit's effects wore off and then try again.
As Scott said, if Rodrick returned home to try again, Puck wouldn't give him the names. There aren't many fey who know the Queens' names and even less who'd be willing to share that knowledge.
Still very dangerous, though; I notice that while Puck told Roderick that the names can only be used three times, he 'left out' the part about becoming the possession of the sharer.
He doesn't get the names of the Queens, to stop the raids on his homeland, if he doesn't do as Puck has asked of him.
Fat lot the of good the names do him if he can't get back to give them to the Queen. Then again, what Fey deal would be complete without a trick hidden in plain sight of the deal.
There are ways. ;D
There are such things as paper airplains. ^_^
Now I'm thinking of GladOS' explination of portals.. Speedy thing goes in.. speedy thing comes out.. ^^ As said, paper airplain, or tie the note to a rock and chuck it through..
Ah good old forward momentum.
If he cant leave the realm how did he get the names home tho
He'll find a way. He's her Majesty's top agent after all right?
"How can we know ourselves? Never by reflection, but only through action. Begin at once to do your duty and immediately you will know what is inside you." -- Johann von Goethe
I love that quote! It's one of my favorites. :D
It seemed appropriate because of both Roderick's actions and the price he paid. Especially since the quote is prominently displayed in The Memorial Hall.
... appropriate for this specific page. Excellent work!
I love how you laid out the page, Darc. Fantastic. :) Now, I just wonder how many hoops Puck will put him thru to get the names.
Thanks. These last few have been a little simpler than I wanted, so I'm glad to hear they've worked out. :D
Faith H.
Oh, Roderick! He's always been amazing, but actually seeing him make the choice to sacrifice himself to save his home is incredibly powerful. This a beautiful page, Darc!
Thank you!
Darls Chickens
I know if I had a canine head, I'd have to pour my flask into a dish and lap it up ...not as dramatic. Now I thought the princess and the knight from the beginning were facing this mission as a one-way trip. (Is the old blog archived anywhere?)
No, I'm afraid it's not. I didn't think it worth keeping a back-up of. The majority of it was rough sketches and works in progress. I'll make more of those in time. :D
Well that sure is not the reaction you get from Mtn Dew! Woha! Thats the last thing Rodreck is now stuck forever in the Fae relm.
I don't know, man. That red Mtn Dew... I never trusted it.
Probably one way but hopefully not
Eric Bloedow
i remember a quote from earlier: "mysterious notes signed 'spooky' started appearing around headquarters shortly after Roderick vanished"...