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Issue 17 - Page 22

Hey guys. As you may have noticed, the blog is gone. I've been using my Tumblr more and more lately and have been enjoying working with it much more than the blog. I just haven't been interested in doing full blog posts for a while now. Not to mention it was quickly becoming a spam-trap. So many spam comments that needed to be cleaned out each morning.

As for this issue, we've just two pages left to go! I should have the cbz available for download before I leave to keep an eye on Mom-Mom. For now, enjoy.

Comments [9]:

Oof... We know what choice he made, but it still can't have been easy. (Even if he made the choice quickly, it had to have been hard emotionally.) I'm curious about the tree that's in front of all the flashbacks. Would that be Nordrassil/Aldrassil? (I keep forgetting which is which.)
Ouch, right in the feels. This is definitely one of the most emotional and powerful images I've seen so far.
No! Don't do it!
Considering what we know of Roderick this is a no-brainer... but that does not make it any less painful for him to deal with. No matter how noble and honourable you may be the pain remains just as acute... you just keep reminding yourself why you do what you do.
Karma Squirrel
Way to go, Puck. That question isn't at all skewed or slanted. No, never. That would be ridiculous.
Puck is a bit of a "fey Godfather" - gave Roderick a choice he can't avoid. If fey can't help people without it being like that, it's the nicest thing he could have done, to give Roderick an opportunity to help. Nicely done.
Clever...Puck is making it seem like there is no other option. Offering only two choices when others exist. Roderick would be wise not to make the pact, but when time is of the essense, you do what you can.
Well there is the deal! Two choices and one is a no brainer. Still how will he tell the Queen?
Roderick is now faced with a crushing choice. The opening lines from an Allen Ginsburg comes to mind. "The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction the weight,the weight we carry is love."