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Issue 17 - Page 21

Don't worry. We'll find out what Puck gets out of all this eventually.

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Just when i think I've figured puck out he changes tacts on me
heya E! yeah that puck is confusing. ... I think he wants to trick the courts - in this case Roderick is a tool rather than the fool.
Part of Puck's power comes from the court. HE just loves to stir things up
Don't worry that it's all been a lie to date, here - I'm offering you a sign of trust. Definitely not a trustworthy type.
I just knew that Puck would say "Trust me." eventually.
Yes, Puck is like a very clever and intelligent version of Kaa.
My favorite self quote on the subject is "trust me, you don't want to trust me"
The storyline of this comic has to be the favorite in the series so far. And yet...looking at the cover of it, I am wondering where all that comes in. I mean, the berries are there. But no horse-riding Roderick, or Moraine, or those linked bands. Is all of that going to appear in the last three pages? Or is the cover due for a redesign to fit the comic?
Some of these items happen after the events in Issue 17 chronologically. The image of Moraine was seen when Max was telling Prince Matthew about his grandmother and the treaty with the fey. Roderick on horseback we have not seen yet, but perhaps with rescuing Nyx. The linked bands mystify me though, other than (perhaps) as a symbol of Jacob & Moraine's link to each other - I hope to find that one out myself, but I suspect that it is not in this issue.
I bet Puck needs a leverage, a chip in the pocket, a thorn in the sides of the queens, and Roderick is his, *cough* point man *cough*.
.... Seriously? My question was totally curiosity only, borne from the fact that all of her other comic covers reflected the story within, and I was just faintly wondering. Not a demand in ANY sense of the word. And I understand she is feeling ill, and in retrospect it's a tactless question, but how the heck was I supposed to know she's having one of her bad days today?
Doodle Butt
This comment was removed by Matt - I will not tolerate negging.
Hey there. Wanted to mention that after seeing the ad on Belfry Comics, I finally decided to check out your comic, and I was so entertained, I read the entire saga from beginning to end in a single day. The story and your characters are riveting, and both of you do an excellent job with production. I will certainly be keeping tabs on this series. And here's to hoping that it's not too much of a strain on you both to keep this going.
Thank you. We'll be taking some time off in another week for about a month or so. I'll be heading down to help family and we're taking a little time off after for the holidays. But other than that things will hopefully keep going smoothly.
Oh, Puck! You're so random! ;)
Puck = Loki Just saying.. Jason
True. But Loki has better fashion sense. ;)
I'd beg to differ. What Loki where is much to flashy.
Puck would do well in politics, I fear!
We know that Puck will be at the treaty signing ball a few years later. If he gives BOTH queens names away, I don't understand how he avoids having his queen (summer) be angry at him.
Every deal has it's price and Rodrick is more than likely one of the payments. Now the rest of the deal? Puck is the trickster and I'm betting it will be more than imagined.
So when did puck's eyes go from black in these last couple of pages to the goldenish color they were in 04/23/12's page.... just wondering...
There have been some slight changes to the comic lately as I've tried to improve my drawing skills. One of the changes is that I dropped the colored irises from everyone's eyes. I got a few complaints that the irises made the characters looked stoned, so I thought simple black pupils only would work better.