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Issue 17 - Page 20

Thanks for the support about the reveal last update! I'm glad Puck's coming out was well received. *grin* I'm sorry for being quiet in the comments, I got caught up in various things the last few days.

The remaining pages are all thumb-nailed and waiting to be drawn out. I'm really looking forward to next week's pages, though Monday's is going to take a bit to do. So many figures.

Comments [19]:

"It wouldn't work..." Well... would it work now? (since we don't know exactly why it wouldn't work...)
If he didn't show any attraction and wasn't interested in perusing a relationship with Helena, what makes you think he suddenly wants to pursue one with Puck?
Random Guy
Gender preferences? But that sort of thing goes along the lines of offering and accepting favor whilst in the Fey Lands, so definitely a no-no.
And when has he shown an interest in men? Sorry, Word of God here, he's straight. Even if he was interested in men, his facial expression in panel four - a reaction to Puck touching him - should be an indicator of lack of interest.
It's probably also a good thing to state that Puck's interests in touching or attempting to touch Spooky might be a play to keep Spooky of balance or possibly interpreted as how a potential buyer prizes up his next acquisition.
Bingo! *high-fives*
Iron Ed
I agree with you. Expanding just a bit; I think Puck's touching, and standing close enough to encroach on people's personal space seems to be a regular ploy of Puck's to put/keep his victims uncomfortable and off balance in general, and just generally get them riled up enough to lose their temper and caution. :-)
Random Guy
I never thought so, but the way people interpret some stuff can be... interesting.
Do we honestly even know what Puck's actual gender is? He's already shown that he can take on whatever appearance he deems suitable. For all we know, the Puck we typically see in the comic could be another glamor.
Tricky tricky Puck. He seems to be very hands on here with Spooky. Puck's is a bit taller then Spooky.
Puck's innuendo aside, I think Jacob is more concerned about if he was lied to about the hunt, or about getting the information to stop it. But Jacob is also off-balance at the moment, and knows just how dangerous an adversary Puck is. The Summer Queen wanted a bit of amusement? Careful what you wish for!
Additional: Great tumblr panel, Darc! :)
Thanks. That's how I always seem to feel on Tumblr lately. I'm drowning in fandom-based posts and I've no idea what anyone's talking about.
Well Puck Has pulled off on huge of a trick and now he has Rodrick in his paws. "Let's make a deal is on?
Y'know, with a name like Helena, I really should have seen this coming.
great work as always Darc
You know, getting a date in the Fey lands must be a real pain.
You know I should have figured out that Helena and Puck were one in the same because they have the same color scheme. But you did too good of a job of misdirecting your readers with Puck's acting to figure it out until this moment! HA! XD
Well, let's just be thankful that Spooky didn't wind up with the head of a mule. ^_^