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Issue 17 - Page 19

Yep, Helena was Puck all along. Damn Puck, always causing trouble. Why the name Helena? She's one of the young lovers in A Midsummer Night's Dream. It seemed appropriate.

I've been anxious to do this reveal for a while now. It took a bit to figure out how to show it - I kept seeing it animated and not as a still image. I ended up drawing Helena and Puck out individually and then adding an outer-glow to each of their lines. It seems to have worked.

You can see the full spread here.

Comments [26]:

Well, that would be the 'relation' between Helena and Puck that I was wondering about. XD
Neat twist in the story and so like Puck in most stories. Always looking for something to keep things exciting
Iron Ed
Nice job, Darc! Both in the story twist and the 'reveal' drawing. I was totally taken in. Nicely done!
Absolutely AMAZING...
Wow! Puck really is the trickster of the Summer court. He's really willing to make such a deal with Spooky? He's been helping Spooky quite a bit and offers him even more. Summer's and Winter's true name. For a price of course.
Also, like others have said, well played Darc. I bet Spooky was expecting this when trying to tell Helena (A.K.A. Puck) it wouldn't work out between them.
I love how this panel looks. You could just imagine the wind rushing past you as he reverts back to his preferred form.
Wow. Well played Darc will played. I didn't see this coming
Karma Squirrel
And I look at the markings on his face and I think 'dangit, I should have seen that coming!' Excellent job, Darc. Took me completely by surprise. Helena's reaction to Spooky's awkwardness in the last page suddenly makes infinitely more sense.
Oh, puck.
SGT Lewis
Ah no wonder Helena looked taken back when Rod thought she was into him. Take female form and you're going to get hit on.
Oh, that is just soooo rude! And not at all what I expected - a messenger, maybe, but Puck himself? Excellent! :) At least Max might feel a little bit better about having been played back at the palace. So, will Puck actually give Roderick the names? After all, The Summer Queen might be bored and in the mood for some entertainment. She might change her mind about that after the treaty has been in effect for a while, and Jacob starts annoying her. Payback!
This is in the past. Max isn't around yet.
True. But remember - this is Gillian telling the story to the gathered children and Max. So Issues 16 & 17 are really a huge flashback. Max is now hearing how Puck manipulated Jacob 50 years ago.
It's a nice extra to see that today's colour page from the past also features the trickster. I'm kicking myself for not noticing the link before now - Puck has been right there all these weeks, in glorious colour. Well played, Darc. Well played.
Sunnuva.... Well played Puck, no one expected that.
After looking back at the previous pages I noticed a bit of Puck on page 16, panel 3 where "Helena" says, "... of your own free will?" The face screams "Puck", but we were too intent on Helena's motives and not looking for Puck then. Nicely played Darc. Nicely played. ;=3
... still into him. :D
Darls Chickens
Did he just reveal his own name?
Oh no. Puck's Name is a very closely guarded secret. And one he'll hide fanatically. He's been called many things through the centuries, but the most well known is Puck.
"...the most well known is Puck." - Perhaps the most well known of the printable names, anyway...
Sure explains the family resemblance. And the twist is just perfect. Excellent! Yes. Spooky however, might be a lucky, unfortunate fellow. Puck's volunteer? My, my.
Well Dam! Darc you did a great job! I'm still realing from that hit up side the head with the 2X4 you used! Fantastic job with the art and the plot!
Well Dam! Darc you did a great job! I'm still realing from that hit up side the head with the 2X4 you used! Fantastic job with the art and the plot!
Now, the big question is: Why does PUCK want the Queens power diminished?