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Issue 17 - Page 18

Hey guys! It's Friday and Helena's starting to look a little freaky. I guess no one ever told her not to put glow in the dark paint on her eyes.

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Ron Bauerle
Fluffle Puff could've told her:
Not sure Flufflepuff could actually tell her anything... other than "phhfftt" and "h-uh!"
Hee hee hee! :D
Chakat Firepaw
Don't forget *WHUMP*. She is the pillow master after all.
The truly scary thing is, this is as close to love as most Fae can come without causing SERIOUSLY BAD consequences to both parties involved. And yes, capital letters intentional. And call me wierd, but I don't think she's freaky at all. >.> Worrisome, oh heck yes. Freaky? ennh....
At least she's being honest i can give her points for that
The Fey cannot lie. Though I'm curious to see where they first met at this point. I have a feeling that the circle we saw at the start of this tale wasn't it.
I'd never say someone can't lie there are many ways to lie.
Technically, they can deceive. Even if you can't state a direct falsehood, you can still lie by omission, or by stating the truth in a misleading way.
The only way for a Fey to tell a direct falsehood is for the Fey to believe it to be truth. Implications are not lies, neither are omissions. Theses are mortal ways of thinking that it is the fault of the other party for not telling us everything. A Fey would see it as their fault for not getting all the details.
Well that sort of surprised her for a few seconds. Looks like Spooky is just giving Helena one interesting surprise after another. I almost want to think Helena is feeling both surprised and flattered as much as she's thinking it's funny.
Ooooh i think i know who she is! What if she were that little fairy from the beginning? The one that saved spookys life, i forget her name though...thats my guess.
Didn't she die in the prologue though?
If I were Roderick, I would be somewhat relieved at this point! Not much - being 'interesting' is still very dangerous and he is still in a horrible situation. While he does not really have much of a choice, and we already know at least part of the outcome, it is nice to know that she will not vaporize him for this little... uh... misunderstanding.
SGT Lewis
Nice to see even the Fae can be caught off guard from time to time. Fortunately humans are more imaginative despite less magical.
I suspect that Helena will suffer because of this plot. Or be promoted. Old saying - If you try to kill the king, you'd better not miss.
Sometimes being promoted is the punishment. :=/
... I can't help but like Helena... |3 I tend to enjoy devious characters like her anyhow. good stuff.
Iron Ed
I'm really liking panel two! :-)
Why not? I put glow-in-the-dark paint on my eyes all the time! It's fun!
"Since we've first met"? Hmmm... What if she was Tinkerbell or that little fairy that Roderick first met? Creepy. Love the art, as usual!
Nothing like a scarry forceful and manapulating girlfriend! Roderick has put both feet into the wet cement! And she is holding him still for it to dry!