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Issue 17 - Page 17

Thanks so much for all the well-wishes and support about the upcoming down time! I really appreciate it! *HUGS* I'll remind everyone when we get a little closer to when the break will begin. Thanks again!

As for this page, it's always fun figuring out how to portray Helena's magic. The flashbacks in the circle are re-used from previous pages. I initially planned on drawing them out, but Mom called and we spent around three hours on the phone. So, I went with a little short-cut there.

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Iron Ed
Helena does have rather attractive magic doesn't she? Kinda like her self. :-) Hmm.. I need to look closely at and study how Helena's hair flows, especially around her horns. Could prove useful! Since those -are- flashbacks, there's no reason not to use a short-cut. ;-)
Aurik Marr
As I said, she likes him. I am hoping they form a relationship.
I wonder... has she considered that keeping them there might be why they're in short supply? Just a thought.
Interesting. Hmm... Not where I thought this was going. Roderick should be even more wary than before! He might have been better off with just the normal contempt and disregard fey show to mortals. Unless Helena is honestly attracted to him (can it really be true?), her 'interest' might lead to more tests, more trials, and other 'amusing' scenarios to see just how much her new pet can withstand. Forever! -shudder- Something forged Jacob from the chivalrous knight / scholar into a still chivalrous guerrilla commander, and 50 years is a long time - for a mortal.
She is kinda cute when she is devious. ;->
A Fey finding a mortal interesting is scary. Especially for the mortal.
Congratulations Spooky.. I dub thee Tenchi. First the fairy vixen (even if she died for you), then the princess-to-be-queen, and now a fey of the Summer Courte? you're getting a veritable harem going here...
He's the René Artois of the CN:H universe.
Does this mean that Helena will tell Spooky the Fey Queen's names by starting with "Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once..."? :-)
Iron Ed
Hmm.. Not that we've seen much of Roderick in the 'present' yet, but I wonder if Helena is still around...
I think I like Helena even more now. The drawing seems to still improve over time too. Although it's so steady and gradual I don't know when to mention it. Love the magic effects. And again, for all she says, Helena seems rather unique herself; She is seeking a deal with a capable mortal. What for?
Looks like Helena has a way of getting men to love her or lets catch a new boyfriend? Anyways it looks to be more than just Hey I want you here. Enjoy your time off! I'll move to eating turkey and getting over the withdrawl of no pages till your back!
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's to hoping that all of your feasts are on -this- side of the gates!
Okay I'm impressed
Wow, talk about a tempting trap! And so well drawn too! :)
I only just noticed the jewelry hung on her horns.
Those could represent the points that spooky-Rodrick had earned in her favor