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Issue 17 - Page 15

I came in like a WAAAATER BAAAAAAAL...!

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Aurik Marr
She just flat out said it. I'm still thinking she likes him. It's all over her face.
She looks so kind and caring in that fourth panel. That fifth panel though, certainly has that good old fey manipulative and malicious spirit in it.
I think, in her own odd way, Helena's trying to help Spooky. Spiking his drink and then warning him about it could be her way of showing him just how treacherous most fay are, and therefore a warning to him to be more careful in his dealings.
Yes, I agree - I think she likes him. Or, more likely given the nature of the fey, that he amuses her. She has been following him all day, and would know if he ate or drank anything. Her pressuring him makes me think that Roderick had not touched the water yet. For Helena, this is all a game, and exposing the trick is both a reward for Roderick's wit / behavior so far and an escalation; welcome to Level 3! (1=Greer, 2=Navigating the Goblin Market, 3=Jacob vs. Helena)
There is also the case that at At least with the summer court. If a fey is asked a direct question, they are compelled to answer it. The trick is asking the question in a way that the fey doesn't have room to twist how they answer it. Ex: *in the market* Did you see a fugitive run by your stall? (Fey answers, in honesty) No sir! (despite said fugitive is hiding under a pile of hay inside the tent behind said fey.) In the fey's eyes, the person is not a fugitive, but a friend.. And they did not run BY their stall, they ran INTO it.. The person asked to specific a question...
It's like that old story of the Oracle at Delphi. "There will be a great victory"--but you didn't ask WHICH army, now did you?
She's being rather forward isn't she? I wonder how safe it is for her to stray so close to her pet project, or how much it is necessary. The fey do play dangerous games, but this is a quite, personal investment. A long term one? And now I'm hungry..
Darls Chickens
I hope Spooky packed something besides potato crisps, pretzels and jalapeņo poppers. Beware, brave knight. What you see is not all that it seems, and even a straight answer can be a trick.
Nice work Darc! Well worth the wait and one corgi. Helena is crafty and has something in the works. Now he's convinced she tampered with all of his food.
Huh. This makes me wonder whether this is actually the time that Rory gets stuck feyside. Maybe that happens later? Maybe it turns out to be intentional? Guess we'll find out!
It could be the build up to a deal. Drink and stay and I will tell you, or keep wandering and try to find out before you HAVE to drink.