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Issue 17 - Page 14

Seems Roderick should have packed a parka. The Winterlands are not know for clement weather.

Thank you for the support guys! I really appreciate it! It's wonderful to know so many of you are enjoying the story so far and that the art practice seems to be showing some results. I'm sorry for being a whiny butt Friday. I hope I wasn't too annoying.

Thanks again, guys!

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No problem Darc! We all have times when others get you down! I for one really enjoy your comic and the fantastic art you draw. And there is nothing like Helena to give you both good and bad advice at the same time! What happens next!
Thank you! I'm trying to keep things more in control. I know down patches aren't enjoyable to deal with.
She isn't just talking about the weather. The Winter (Unseleighe) Fae tend to be...less nice than their Summer (Seleighe) counterparts. Much less nice, though not evil, per se.
True. Her being from the Summer Court won't help any either.
It is not so much that summer is nice and winter is not... Rather Seleighe will kill you from negligence, or while attempting some amusement, while Unseleighe will kill you delibrately, or with the death as the amusement. The mortal is still dead. Best not to be in Fey realms at all.
It's cool and don't get too stressed(I hear it worsens the stiffness).
Thanks. It does a bit, mostly because one tends to hold things tighter when stressed.
I wonder if Spooky put two and two together and guessed that his supplies might have been tampered with? Let's hope Spooky doesn't fall for her tracks too early in the game. Then again, seeing that he's here, it might be to late for that.
Spooky's a crafty fellow. Whether he's a match for Helena remains to be seen.
Greetings! Hope you are feeling a bit better today. Everyone gets a little down on occasion, and a little reassurance can mean a lot. Research is cool, but I am curious what you have planned. If you are eager to draw something, it has to be good!
I've been doing so much reading lately which has been interesting. Thing is, I keep finding more resources that I want to look in to.
choo choo George
Hi Darc, Have you ever thought of working in the movie industry? your drawings would make you an excellent storyboard artist. I know it's a lot to ask, but if you ever did get the chance, you certainly would be great at it. Looking at how much work you put into just the sketches alone makes me glad you're doing this and not me, I wouldn't have the patience for it. Again thanks for all your hard loving work.
Thank you! No, I never have. I take a lot of inspiration from animation - I love those "art of" books that come out about various movies. I can't get enough of those.