Issue 17 - Page 10

It's a two page, Renaissance Faire From Hell spread. I'll post a link to the full spread with Monday's update.

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Ice your wrist! Have you tried any massage therapy? Shiate su did wonders for my arm and I can play music again.
I haven't, no. Chiropractic has been helping a lot. I have a habit of pushing things more than I really should sometimes.
This is the very first time I see a genuinely happy-looking fey. Feels a tad strange. *G*
C. Mage
Probably got a GREAT deal on some slaves.
prove it is a fey and not a slave girly who is to dance to entice customers or show off skills for a better sale.
She's got rhythm in her soul and a need to DANCE! ;D
Thanks for the Greatart work! Have you tried one of the new gel wrist resting pads? I'm having the sore wrist issue also. Been tying and resting it on the table edge.
Thank you! I used to have one, but can't find it. I really need to remember to stop and take more breaks while working. This one took longer than I planned for and I was rushing to finish it.
I know exactly how Roderick feels; that's how I felt when I was in New York City for the first time.
The page looks amazing. Also, take all the rest you need for your wrist to get better.
1 part rubbing alcohol to 2 parts water, mix, and pour into a ziploc bag. Put it in the freezer for a few hours to gel up, and you now have a homemade, flexible, reusable ice pack.
Ooo! Thank you! I've a large ice pack that I use, but I often need to ice the wrist and shoulder area at the same time. This will help a lot. Thanks! :D
Ah, the good old Bazaar of the Bizarre trope. I wrote an entire short story about one of those. Fascinating topic! Sorry about your wrist though. I'm sure the effort was worth it.
welsh halfwit
If this is anything like Christina Rossetti's poem, he's in trouble...
Wow, I can understand why this page hurt your wrist. Looks like there kids, Fey and mortals here. Can't be sure about that, but it definitely seems like a warning undertone is being set just under this festive atmosphere.
Iron Ed
I really wish I could fix that wrist for you! So is there a fairy trapped in each of those overhead lights? :-) Love the coloring of the dancer's head-scarf and sleeves! Almost said that's a cute gray, fox-girl in the background but the ears make me think she's something else. Looks like she may be slave to the fancier dressed woman beside her too. :-(
Thanks. I didn't stop for breaks while working, which was a bad idea. Nah, I doubt anyone's stuck in the lanterns. Just a bit of magic. :D