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Issue 17 - Page 07

Oh Greer, you should know by now to have a favor in mind before offering the deal. He's young, he'll learn.

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Well at least this Fae is young and innocent. He knows the basic rules but has never tried them. Still it seems he figured out a way to get his favor. Again my compliments on your art work!
He sure does want his favor. Hopefully he'll come up with something specific to ask for.
Well not sure Darcs story follows this but fea gain status by having favors owed them
Maybe he should start out with small favors. undefined favors can be real deal breakers on the get go with some when it comes to the Fey
Aww, it seems like Greer actually does want to help :3
Ted Schiller
I suspect Greer actually wants to help him. It's just that there is a certain moral way to do things. Moral by fae standards.
Probably. "Sorry, Spooky, but I can't do anything for you unless I ask for a favor in return. It's just the way we work."
Greer's a cute little bugger.. I wanna hug him! :3
Darls Chickens
Ask for a shirt!
My dog is named Greer!!! Good Scottish name.
offer him a trade instead. something from the mortal world in trade for his secret.make it something he wouldn't get otherwise, or at least he thinks he wont get otherwise
If they don't have the caffeine weakness of Bedlam's Bard Fey, I'd recommend chocolate. Everyone knows the Fey don't make chocolate. :3
Aww, Greer seems like such a nice, helpful guy. Seems that genuinesly friendly Fae are rare and a useful connection to cultivate.
Ted Schiller
I suspect Greer is just young and foolish. He will mature and be more sensible. Why someday he may be a Grand Master of the Wild Hunt.
Sorry to hear about the migraine! Get some rest!
Sorry to hear about your migraine, Darc. I hope it goes away quickly but make sure you rest even if you feel better. Sending internet hugs, to be delivered by Matt.
Erf! Get feeling better, Darc! *Sends positive thoughts and well wishes your way*
Take It Easy Darc, We'll Still Be Here When You're Feeling Better.