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Issue 17 - Page 05

Yep, Helena's our mysterious Fey lady. It seems she has nothing better to do than muck about and cause trouble. We'll see more of her a little later.

For now, someone needs to poke Roderick in the ribs and wake him up. Time's ticking by, after all.

Comments [10]:

I had her pegged as the one. Now I don't expect him to lay there to long. Too many Fae hang around the gates waiting. When she leaves someone else will come and watch. Reaches out and pokes Roderick!
He is already being watched. The being in the tree seems a little under dressed for a fey, but you never know. The best Roderick can hope for is that the watcher is a stuck mortal (child?) that will take pity on him. Given his luck so far, I would not count on it!
Other than we;ve seen him I'd bet on it being Puck in the tree maybe one of his minons
I almost can't believe this comic updates 3 days a week @.@ ( unless a sick or injury day occurs of course :P ). I mean you got a very good story and beautifully drawn and coloured pages it's just amaaaaziiiin. I wonder who the fey dude in the tree is? maybe a sayter? idk o.o
And here is Exhibit A for the prosecution. Please note how this enforces the old adage "Always remember, even when they are telling the truth, never trust a Fey!" Agree Petrov, our watcher seems somewhat underdressed for a Fey of any status we've seen so far...
C. Mage
Actually, there's a much better way of phrasing it. "All fey are douchebags unless proven otherwise...and that only means they're just LESS of a douchebag than the others." But that's all right...there is a cure. They just need more IRON in their diet.
M. Peach
Perhaps a low level fay... Could he be thinking how would this situation work to his advantage, and would it be in his interest to thwart the other fay's plans?
My my... I just noticed that Puck and Helena look very much alike. Family connection, perhaps? And the one in the tree is most likely Fae, they're the only "goats" we've seen aren't they?
My guess is that the fellow in the tree is a goblin. Only future pages will tell. :)
"Literally everything is for sale there, including mortals. Few questions are asked, and no motives are questioned." -shudder- I hope that Spooky doesn't find himself on the auction block.