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Issue 17 - Page 04

Hey guys. Sorry again about Friday's update. I'd tripped on the stairs the day of my previous adjustment and hit my shoulder badly. That seems to have knocked everything out of whack again. I go in this Saturday so, we'll get things back in order soon. Still, I may be a little quiet this week. If so, I apologize. Thanks again.

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Iron Ed
Dang it, Darc! What are we going to do with you?? Dr. Brian is going to have something to say about this, I'll bet! ;-) Seriously, take care of yourself! Ooh; Helena is -not- being nice this time around!
Aurik Marr
As I said in my 'flirt' comment when we met Helena, she likes the man. Of course she's gonna try and keep him around.
Please take care of yourself Darc. Blueberry juice i the water nice Spooky might not even notice. In a thermos he certainly won't see a color change that leaves smel and taste it might too little for that
Not seeing the color change and not noticing the taste until it's too late is definitely two things that can trap Spooky. But you've also got to remember that he's a hound. My money says that he'll be able to smell the berries.
Keep in mind Spooky would be carrying a canteen/ thermos from the 40s dark inside with a very narrow opening. A lot is going to depend on amount added and how paranoid Spooky is when he wakes.
Oh boy, already with the tricks and the games. Let's hope Spooky keeps his wits about him here. Though I'm guessing even if he does, we already know he's staying whether being tricked into it or through choice. Take care of yourself Darc.
You're starting to sound as accident prone as me! I hope everything goes well and rest okay? If not, put yourself in some bubble wrap as an extra safety measure!
Ohhhh very Juicy This is a very interesting Comic thus far and you certainly have my full attention.
Karma Squirrel
Dangit. Now I'm craving fresh blueberries. I blame you, Darc. BLAME! In other news, we'll forgive you this once, but woe betide you if you trip over those stairs again! *shakes finger* We may have to ground you for your own safety.
Does Dr. Brian have any thoughts about long term treatment, or at least longer lasting relief? With adjustments every two weeks, and the pain building each time, the routine must get somewhat frustrating and painful.
Iron Ed
-Painfully- frustrating! :-) :-) :-) And, Darc; remember Rule #1! ;-)
We know that he ends up staying - even non subscribers. WHY we don't know. If he does smell the juice, he's going to get thirsty.
Oh, VERY sneaky. A single handful crushed in a litre to two in water will be hardly noticeable, if at all. BTW, EEF, careful there, Darc! No dieing! Dieing is verboten! ;)
Long(er) term solution??? Move to a one-story house. No stairs there to trip on. Of course, there are other things to trip on. Any dogs or cats at home?
That explains the blueberries in the two-page spread. It also explains why he's so worried about dehydration.
Not necessarily blueberries and the like are a part of summer. I'd not be surprised to find wild berries and other fruits growign 'wild' to tempt mortals that find themselves there
Darc stop hurting yourself. Now my recovering shoulder Hurts also! ARRRRGH! Well it seems that someone is makeing sure he doesn't go back to the Mortal relm.