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Issue 17 - Page 03

Bringing food into Fey can help avoid the "eating Fey food and becoming stuck" rule, but only if it's eaten quick enough. Within a few hours any imported mortal food will become tainted by the Fey realm. Eating or drinking tainted food will have the same effect as consuming food of Fey origin. Roderick likely doesn't expect to be in Fey long enough for this to be a problem.

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Oh no. Will a switcharoo be done???
Checking for a pulse and rummaging through all his stuff. Got to say, she's thorough and knowledgeable in mortal anatomy at least. Still, can she be trusted?
Jenora Feuer
She's fey. The only things she can be trusted on are to be running her own agenda, and the letter of anything she has explicitly already agreed to.
Possible but depending on what was packed switching it might not be that easy. Also Roderick might not know that rule yet. This is early days for RSCI they are learning but how much information and lore was destroyed after magic ended
He was expected and he one expecting him is either his benefactor or his worst hightmare. Stil she is smart and knowledgable.
She could be both on his side and against him. Fey are contrary by nature.
Probably Helena - same tall horns, same color hair, pendant looks like facial markings from #16. "Useful"... Seems as though Roderick is now a pawn in a much larger game within the fey courts. At least she seems impressed with his intelligence - not sure if that is better or worse for him, though.
Part of me wonders if an iron container can act like a fey Faraday Cage if food is inside.
Good thought, but I would hate to be the one risking eternity to find out!
Ron Bauerle
If food only lasts a few hours, why bring it at all? If the pail isn't iron, what is it? (I assume steel counts as iron?) Sorry to nitpick, it's the engineer in me...
You assume he knows that it only lasts a few hours. He may not. And this is post war Britain, the pail is enamelled tin. Steel was considered vital for the war effort which had only ended three years before.
Iron hurting Fey is suppose to be a reference to cold iron. To make steel it no longer falls in the definition. While Fey may get a uncomfortable feeling from steel it should not hurt them.
I'm curious.. why is it that Earth dwellers that stay too long in the Fey realm can't go back.. but Fey can stay Earthside as long as they like? If someone stays in the Fey realm long enough, do they -become- Fey?
I don't think Fey can stay earthside for as long as they like, they'd probably start suffering "withdrawal" symptoms after a while. And people who've become "trapped" don't have the "power" to either get out, even if only for a little while, or stay out for any amount of time. Now it's probable that with enough passage of time, one builds up the strength to get out, and perhaps stay out for a while.
There are some great excerpts from "The World Bible" - the reference doc that Darc uses as the basis for her worlds. See her blog entries for September 2013. As for the fey staying in our world, they probably consider it beneath them. Plus too great a danger from iron.
As someone who also suffers wrist/hand pain due to my job I highly recommend that you don't be afriad to take off more than a few days to allow some healing of your wrist. Your fans seem like a loyal lot, I'm sure they are more than patient. :)
Agreed! Take as much time as you need! We will be here. Rest! I hope that you feel better!
Thanks guys. I'm sorry about no update. Hopefully I can work on a page today.
Please don't overpush yourself for our sake. I would be fine if you took a week or two off to let the injury heal some more.
"Tin" is thin steel. There is the question as to whether paint or enamel (basically melted glass) would be enough to avoid harming the fey.
No, tin is not the same as steel. Tin is an element (Sn) where steel is an alloy of Iron (Fe) and Carbon (C).
Yes it is. "Tin" is both an element used as a rustproofing on thin steel, eg inside food cans, and the thin steel itself. The element Tin is too expensive and too weak to use in bulk. Eg, a Tin can, or a Tin lunch box.
Enough, boys. I'm stopping this before it goes any further. This area is for commenting about the comic, not proving who's more knowledgeable. I will not have my comments section turned into a 'I'm right and you're wrong' zone. If you want to have these kind of discussions, please take them to the forum. Thank you.
Sorry. My original question was would paint make iron safe for Fey? Comic related.
Possibly. Skin makes Fey safe from human blood, after all, which DOES contain large amounts of iron.
Congratulations. You have successfully convinced me to drop everything and read the comic from the start. (36 hrs later) this is AWESOME! Fantastic comic and i look forward to seeing more. Hope your wrist heals well.
Thank you! Hopefully I'll continue to be entertaining in the future. :D
Eric Bloedow
hmm, i thought their collars were "cold iron".
They're iron with plating on top to make them look pretty. Which is why our Fey lady is keeping her fingers away from it - her thumb is raised up so it doesn't touch. Most Fey expect agents to keep their collars on, so she's not concerned with the fact that Roderick's still wearing his.
SGT Lewis
Silk can act as an insulator for the fae. This helps them to safely handle iron long enough for disposal.
This is an awesome comic :D just started reading it myself and i couldnt stop till i had caught up @.@ nyaa
Like his lunch carrier.... still have my Grandfather's one which is very similar in design... Roderick's also looks properly used as well. Like the variations in framing, Darc. Keeps that sense of the overall big picture being made up of smaller events.