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Issue 17 - Page 02

One thing you can say about Roderick... he knows how to make an entrance. Too bad he's not awake for it.

Meanwhile, the cbzs of Issue 13 and "A Bit of Gossip" are now available for download. Please feel free to share the files and help introduce others to CN:H. I don't have much funds for advertising, so telling others is a big help! Thanks guys!

Comments [11]:

Mmmm... great entrances are always more memorable when you are conscious enough to actually remember them... and it looks like he is not going to get given any time to wake up either.. (*note - I do like the multiframe special effect)
But think of the great impression he can make on others. "He's so excited, he knocked himself unconscious." ;D Thanks. The multiframe effect was kind of a fluke. I had to redo a chunk of the page after Photoshop hiccuped and damaged a third of my layers. Suddenly those layers went green and half of the layers disappeared. When I went to add the effects back in, I forgot to select each panel separately. It seemed to work, so I kept it. :D
Wait? I just realized something really odd while enjoying the scenery. Is Helena directly related to Puck in any way? Their coloring certainly seems to match.
Could be...
Nice work and great effects. It's not hard to assume that he would have someone to greet him when he arrived. Now the Question is? Who? Helena?
Also... Could be. Suspense is killing me too.
So, he wasn't "chased" into the hole after all.
Nope, just ran across a gate that looked like it opened like a regular door and instead opened like a trapdoor. Cause the fey are occasionally dicks. ;D
one chance to enter the world like a boss. and you hit your head.
Walking into the club like... *trip* *flip* *slip* *boom* *splat*!
Darls Chickens
Now Spooky, when you find free beer sitting by itself on a trap door in the forest, common sense tells you... ;)