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Issue 17 - Page 01


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Ooh! I like the Alice in wonderland comparison! Great artwork! The facial experssion is fantastic!
Carl Foxmarten
Makes me wonder what he'll see on his fall to the bottom! (any TARDISes?)
This is looking interesting. Makes me wonder if "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carol was a story fueled by drugs, or a true story account of a trip into the Fey realm.... Maybe old mate Hunter is about to find out the hard way. I would like to take this opportunity to say this is an intriguing comic that I am enjoying enough to want to comment - very rare for me. Keep up the good work.
In the book, Alice saw a talking Rabbit (wearing clothes and looking at a watch)jump down a hole. Alice thought it peculiar that a Rabbit could talk, wear clothes, and tell time. Jumping down the hole was not unusual. In the world of CN:H, only jumping down the hole would be unusual.
I don't think this was a "jump" as much as a WHY AM I FALLING
Or perhaps, merely "Oh shite!"