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Gossip - Page 06

Poor Specter. He needs a hug.

That concludes this interlude. I told you it was short. ;D Remember, Issue 17 begins Wednesday! See you then!

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I'd give him one but I don't think he'd appreciate it very much. Ah well. Still looking good; I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Too true. He does tend to react gruffly to such things. Thanks!
When the truth comes out it rubs like salt into a wound. You can never escape your past but you can do your best to forget it and move on. Now if that blasted Rotator cuff operation pain would go away? (That will take a few weeks or more. I hope someone's hand is feeling better like my shoulder is?)
I looked up the operation to see what it was, and all I can say is OW OW OW! I'm sorry. I hope the operation will help more than it hurts. *offers an ice pack and some aspirin*
INDEED OW, hopefully all goes well with a rapid recovery
Very nice. 40yrs of missing them, knowing you can't go home and unless you are killed probably in some horrible way admusing the fea you will live forever as you were the moment you arrived OUCH
The crazy thing is, I know a few people who would think that's great. "You mean I'll never age? COOL!" Personally, I think eternal life would be hell, especially if loved ones weren't there. I want to get old and grey and annoy people by pretending to be deaf.
I agree there on eternal life being hell. That's one of the premises of "The Green Mile". Having to live and see all those you care about age and pass on-knowing that you cannot join them in Heaven until the end of time. As Willy Wonka said to Grandpa Joe in answer to his inquiry about giving Charlie the chocolate factory, "I can't live forever, and I don't really want to try."
Jonathan McDevitt
Free hug coalition, assemble! *hugs Specter* You know what though, I think it will take a lot more than hugs to help him move on.
Not sure about Darc's interpretation of the land of Fea but many have it as an eternal spring or summer
Parts of it. It depends on which Court controls that area of Fey. The Summerlands constantly range from Spring to full Summer. The Winterlands from Fall to deep Winter. Neutral areas display regular seasons like the mortal realm. Spooky's group tries to stay in the neutral lands for safety reasons, though if the winter is especially harsh, they'll risk camping in the Summerlands.