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When in doubt, ride into the sunrise.

In other news, figures are a pain in the butt to draw when they get that small. You'd think they'd be easier, but no... Tight little spaces make my fingers go, "ow!"

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I totally understand. Just woke up from rotator cuff surgery amd my whole right arm is numb and I can't use it atm. Great work even if your hand is bothering you. (left hand one finger poking for me!)
Ow! I hope things are looking up for you soon! Hang in there!
Tailmon and Darc - lots of internet sympathy. May you both feel better soon, and not push yourselves too far too fast. Also, little fiddly figures are a total pig to draw. But they look good! And riding off dramatically is a tried and true way of ending uncomfortable conversations.
Even with the extreme danger involved, I wonder if Dr. Najir (or his predecessors) have made 'house calls' to help the Lost Squadron agents adapt to their new lives. Take it slowly with your hand! I am surprised about the small figures - perhaps the pressure or the precision involved? Rest and enjoy the weekend!
Not sure how much predecessor could've done with less than 24hrs. Then again did one of them try and is still there.
Granted, not much within 24 hours. But perhaps with a little prep time on the mortal side of the gate, the RCSI psych crew might be able to put together a bunch of material that the trapped agents can study on their own time.
As for getting stuck, I have to think that the trapped agents are -very- protective of the couriers since they are risking everything by coming. The trapped know that price all too well, and would probably risk anything to get the couriers home on time.