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Specter doesn't like to discuss his past in the mortal world. As a result, he's not fond of hearing others discuss their past either.

This often leads to conflicts with some of the more recently stuck agents who want to try to keep their memories of the mortal world alive.

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Nice work! You have to wonder what makes a person want to forget their past.
Given the amount of pain in his expression, he remembers all too well. Perhaps a difficult past, or a happy life stolen forever. "I remember just fine!" Specter growled through his clenched jaw, urging his horse forward and away from the others. Jinx and Rummy exchanged a surprised glance. "Ouch," Rummy said quietly, nudging his horse to catch up.
Fortunate for Spectre he is near immortal because if a glare could kill... Jinx has a definite firey side there... a woman not afraid to speak her mind to her nominal superior, especially if she feels they are talking out of their ar... moving along... Sure Spectre, past memories will become a little less relevent with time but 7 years is very little in the scale of life...
So Jynx has it all wrong. Spectre remembers the mortal world all to well. As handsome a gent as he is, It's very likely he left at least a lady or lad behind, if a lady then perhaps also kits. Something I know I would find embittering to know I had lost and could never go back to.
My thoughts exactly
Karma Squirrel
Makes me wonder how long Specter's been there. If seven years is so little, then he must have been stuck for a couple decades at least. Poor guy.
According to the "world bible", Specter was ambushed by the Summer Court on the night of the Tithe sometime in the 60s. He is actually the second newest addition.
Forgive the math: If Hunter met Gavin on a Tithe night (makes sense with Gavin hunting) in 1996, and the fey by treaty can only raid every seven years, that would mean Specter was taken during a Tithe night in 1961 or 1968.
And of course the only time their bodies age here is if a fey thinks they would look better older. I wonder if life propagates here any differently then the mundane world?
I suspect it is very different. Remember Hunter's surprise at seeing children, and Jinx's pained / false comment about eternal youth being what every woman wants. Perhaps the fey can have children (although, being nearly immortal and with their attitudes, that must be a pretty rare event), and certainly animals reproduce, but I strongly suspect that mortals cannot.
M. Peach
There are stories of children being born to mortals in fey realms (as well as half fey children), so it might be possible here. It does seem unlikely though with a strict no ageing concept. Most fairy tales allow for ageing but at a pace that is completely different from the human world.