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Apparently it's 'Try to Get a Reaction Out of Jinx' day. You know what they say, you have to make your fun where you can.

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Heh. A play-by-play announcer for the Atlanta Braves (a retired player) once remarked that if there's any particular little thing that irritates you, you must NEVER let the other guys in the locker room know what it is. Because on the road they WILL get tired and look for ways to amuse themselves...
Her clutches? Really? Then again, if your caught in a world like this, I suppose you have to find what happiness you can in life. Not that she's really going to try anything, but it does make you wonder how life goes on for those trapped here?
I LOL'd at that! Keep up the great work!
Martin Owens
Unless Rummy is a Mongol or a Comanche, he's mounting his horse from the wrong side.
HEX the Dark
I never knew there was such thing as a right side to mount a horse. On the other hand, I'm not really surprised.
Rummy learned to ride well after he got into Fey, cut the guy a break for never getting taught the basics. He can stay on top of the horse, that's all that counts.
I rode horses on and off for about 20 years and was never told that there was a right or wrong way.... just whichever side was convenient... our horses never seemed to care either... and yep, if you can stay on that is the most important thing after caring for your mount, and Rummy has that covered...
Darls Chickens
Maybe his horse is left-han... uh, hoofed.
Not surprising someone didn't know about riding horses till after getting into Fey. By WWII horses were primarily on farms and even there largely being replaced by tractors. During WWII England eliminated most of their farm animals in favor of grain production
The medieval Irish also mounted their horses from the "wrong" side.