Gossip - Page 01

Welcome back! Now that Break Week is over, it's time to get back to comics. Today starts a short interlude titled "A Bit of Gossip." It's very quick, only six pages, but I thought we could all use a little look at what the recon team is up to while Max is stuck sitting in the camp. And, I get to draw horses. You know me and horses.

During the Break Week I posted a few sections from the CN:H world bible in the blog. The world bible is what Matt and I use to keep track of the basic workings of the world. Here are the links in case anyone missed them...

The Fey Courts | Mortals in Fey | Leystone | RCSI

Please remember that while I research, I do so to try to avoid portraying anyone in an offensive or overly stereotypical way, not to go for a hundred percent accuracy. This is a fictional world and, as such, varies from our own. That's part of the fun!

Meanwhile, my folks are visiting this week from Iowa. As a result, I won't be online much. So if I'm quiet, I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just out of the house. Me, out of the house... no one is safe. ;D