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Welcome back! Now that Break Week is over, it's time to get back to comics. Today starts a short interlude titled "A Bit of Gossip." It's very quick, only six pages, but I thought we could all use a little look at what the recon team is up to while Max is stuck sitting in the camp. And, I get to draw horses. You know me and horses.

During the Break Week I posted a few sections from the CN:H world bible in the blog. The world bible is what Matt and I use to keep track of the basic workings of the world. Here are the links in case anyone missed them...

The Fey Courts | Mortals in Fey | Leystone | RCSI

Please remember that while I research, I do so to try to avoid portraying anyone in an offensive or overly stereotypical way, not to go for a hundred percent accuracy. This is a fictional world and, as such, varies from our own. That's part of the fun!

Meanwhile, my folks are visiting this week from Iowa. As a result, I won't be online much. So if I'm quiet, I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just out of the house. Me, out of the house... no one is safe. ;D

Comments [12]:

Yea! a week of withdrawl is over! Fantastic artwork! Thank you!
Something I've actually been wondering about for a while. Are there sentient versions of any of the typical beasts of burden in this universe?
Nope! There's no intelligent livestock or other similar critter in the RCSI world. Nothing with hooves, no birds, and all intelligent species come from real-world animals that are smaller than a dog. (Dogs, mice, foxes, badgers, rabbits, cats, etc)
Wasn't there an avian (swan possibly) receptionist talking to max in an earlier episode before he got his current assistant?
I think that was Mrs. Pennyworth's old design, in a different tangent of CN:H.
Oh I wasn't ware that got dropped out of cannon or that she'd been redesigned.
Octopi? =p My one beef with any kind of "furry" based story is that it always hogged primarily by familiar mammals. Maybe rarely the odd reptile or bird. Somehow I expect the furry fantasy would break down if it allowed for anthropomorphic angler fishes, mosquitoes, tardigrades and tapeworms. Still, if you're opting for intelligence as the category, cephalapods are a most.
Have you looked at a deep sea angler fish lately? Looks like that in anthro form could surely break down anything.
Wooo, Horses!!! I can almost see the look of discomfort in Rummy's mount's eye.... combined with the mouth shape, we have one rather unhappy horse...
"You should have checked its hooves before we left!" "But he didn't have a stone then." ;D
Well, that is the archive read. Fun story you got here Not bad... I ended up here because I was considering making a webcomic to tackle the fair folk angle myself (and especially the notion of them returning), and wanted to see how other comics were juggling the subject. ... Glad to see I'm in no danger of pulling a mere clone of someone else's story (what I had in mind is more ... Celtpunk with a hint of Lovecraft). ... So keep up the good work! =D
I see the "spoiler" below. As I thought, Hedgehog. A friend of mine owns/raises hedgehogs. As he puts it, "Great pets, all they do is eat sleep and screw"