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Issue 16 - Page 24

And thus ends Issue 16. Yay! I hope you've all enjoyed the story so far. If you'd like to download this issue, the complete cbz is now available. Please feel free to share the file and help introduce others to CN:H. I don't have much funds for advertising, so telling others is a big help!

Remember, next week is Break Week! Please stop by each day to see sneak previews as well as a look at a future side comic I'm developing.

Thanks guys!

Comments [28]:

Great Job! I wish I was rich so I could just pay you a bunch of money to keep your comic going! Love your artwork.
Thank you! I'm glad it's been enjoyable so far! *laughs* I usually take commissions to bring in an income, but haven't been able to lately due to the wrist. Hopefully that will change soon. I miss working with my markers.
There is always the PayPal donations button! Hopefully that suppliments a little as well. I look forward to when you can take commissions again, but would prefer you get that wrist back to health first.
It does, thank you! *hugs*
Excellent work! You may not have much of an advertising budget, but it works. That is how I discovered your work two weeks ago - a banner ad on that captured my imagination. Good luck with the test today! Try not to be nervous; look at the clock and think to yourself, '12 hours from now, I will be doing X', where X is your normal routine. Please let us know how it goes. Enjoy break week! I look forward to hearing more about this side comic as well. Good luck!
I've enjoyed the dynamic between Moraine and Spooky. Is it just me, or does the Queen have a bit of a crush? ;) Enjoy your break, Darc! You've more than earned one--this issue was fabulous, as always.
Her Majesty is fully in love with Spooky.
Thank you! I'll be spending the week alternating between creating pages and doing some last minute sprucing up of the house before my folks show up next week. Holly's shedding like mad again and there's corgi hair everywhere! :D
Thanks! :D I think the ads we took out recently were the first we've done in a few years or so. The test went really well, no problems found. I've the followup tomorrow so, we'll see what he wants to do then. :D
Can I say that I don't know why but one of my favorite things about how you draw Spooky is his tail? I don't know why but the way it is tossed up and flows really looks cool. He's the only one that you kind of give that characteristic, I think.
He does have that odd tail, doesn't he? It's like it has a mind of its own. It's like the Fabio of tails. :D
Reminds me of a Golden Retriever tail, all plumed and fancy. (I wonder if he uses conditioner or just detangler?) Your artwork is amazing and growing!
My message was too long to post here so its in the forums. ^^ nice work again Darc.
I just read it! Thank you! *blush* I'm going to be bubbly all day now! Thank you! :D
I am glad that the test went well, and that surgery is out for the short term! While you may be put through other tests in the future, hopefully that is one worry taken away for now. Excellent!
It is, thank you. :D The chiropractor did some new adjustments to my neck and shoulder area based on what we learned from the test. The odd swelling and stiffness went way down over the last few days. It's starting to creep back this morning, but we may have something here. Woot!
Just putting my two cents worth in.. Even if we all knew how this chapter would turn out, it was still a wonderfully painful thing to watch it play out. Prayers and positive thoughts are sent to you and yours Darc. The comic is a wonderful thing, but the person behind it is who's important.
Thank you! I didn't initially plan on showing so much of the back story in the comic, but doing so seemed right.
Darc, wonderful comic! Thank you for creating it! may I ask why you do not have ads on your site? it would give you a bit of revenue. this suggestion is for purely selfish reasons; for me, the average reader, I rather see the ads than no comic because you had to go off and make some money. ;)
Thanks! There used to be ads on the site, but we took them down about a year ago or so. I don't like blinking, moving things on the site and we weren't pulling in much of an income from them. I usually take commissions, but haven't be able to lately. Hopefully that will change by the new year. :D
I wish I could magic a balloon tied to your wrist to make it lighter. So, if you saved all the shedding you would have two corgis?
Hey Jimmy! *hugs* Heh, I probably could! The crazy thing is, I sweep and the next day look over to see a tumbleweed of corgi fur roll by. I can't figure where she's getting it all from. :D
Quick and curious question: are there CBZs available of previous chapters?
They are for some of the issues. The Prologues, Issues 1-4, and Issues 14-16 are available. Issues 5-13 and the interludes will be available once they're colored. The links for the downloads are on the Archive page. I'm sorry for the delay on Issues 5-13. Hopefully I can get back to those here soon. :D
Imre Bellic
Darcy, your work keeps getting better and better. Enjoy your break, rest up that hand, and we will see you next week. PS: Kilin thinks Spooky is very handsome, but she is in love with Her Majesty.
Thanks Imre! Will do. I've a bit of drawing to do this week since I won't be able to work next week - the folks are coming down. But things should turn out well. Please say hi to Kilin for me! :D
A thought just occured to me. Where do the wildefae enter into the balance of power? Their leader, the Erlkonig, supposedly has power enough to rival the queens of Fae.
Darc listed part of the RCSI World-Bible back on Monday that detailed (briefly) how the Hunt interacts with the courts and the other wildfae. [Context]