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Issue 16 - Page 21

I've an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon this morning. Hopefully we can start figuring out what's happening with the wrist and possibly how to fix it. I really appreciate everyone who's been supportive about this. I admit, one of my fears is people being upset with me if I end up needing to take time off due to therapy or surgery. While I'm sure some will complain, knowing that most of you will stick by me makes me feel better.

I'll be sure to let you know what I find out. Thanks guys!

edit: The appointment went well. I'll write a longer blog post later, but so far the results are it's carpal tunnel. I go in for a test next week to see if there's been any damage to the nerve and muscle. Then I'll have a followup appointment with the doc to go over the results of the test. But, I'm still allowed to draw so... YES! Thank you so much for sticking with me and for all the well wishes! *HUGS*

Comments [34]:

Best of luck. I hope you get good news.
I'm not sure who's going to be crying more by the end of this issue: Moraine or me! D:
Iron Ed
I'm with you, Darc! Whatever the outcome and however long it takes, I want you to be happy, and have -fun- doing CN:H and playing with us!
How fleating love can be. Then the truth of things happen. Sacrafices have to be made and it can be painful for them both. Good luck with your problem. This comic and your art are fantastic.
Henry K9
I have been with you for years, I even have the text stories, So another wait if need be for your great art won't bother me at all. Just take care of yourself and get better!
Text stories? Forgive me - I am new here. Are these publicly available?
Henry K9
They were at one time, I sent the ones I had to Matt in PDF format a few years ago. You could try and contact him for them, or have him contact me to re send. They are not I repeat NOT CANNON to what goes on at this time
Thank you. I might do that - once things settle down a bit. I just hope everything works out okay.
I hope they find the source and it's easy to deal with. Don't worry about anyone complaining, take to heart the good wishers.
I'm not going to complain; I'm too busy enjoying the gorgeous art. Seriously, just take the time you need to feel better. On another note, I now have the urge to reach through my computer screen and hug Moraine and Jacob.
Heather H
Hope everything goes well. Hope it is something simple and fixable.
HEX the Dark
I can understand that he'd rather go by himself instead of ordering someone. How can you give an order to someone to sacrifice their lives? Also, good look with your appointment!
A good leader knows he sometimes has to sacrifice his people to get the job done. However, he also knows that if he isn't willing to take a risk himself then his people won't follow him. The trick is to know when to take the risk and when to send others instead.
Hope you get good news with your appointment.
Your health is more important to all of us - I'd rather wait a few months for an update knowing that - when you came back - there were no more problems.
Greetings. I only discovered your work this week over Labor Day. No fan, friend or follower would ever be disappointed with you taking time off if you need to. We will be here waiting for your return, and ready to support you however needed. Best of luck today.
Old Sage
Best of luck to you, hope it's just a minor repair/set-back. Take what time it takes to heal. I'm sure we will all benefit from a Healthy Artist.
Good luck, Darc, get better! Do what is needed and we'll be around. Loved this issue. Love we see how deep the connection of these two are, it makes his sacrifice all the greater.
Don't worry. If you need to take time off to make sure you have a properly working hand, do it. We'll all still be here when you get back. It won't be the first time an artist has had to recover from an injury. And if anyone complains the collective fanbase will arise and smite the heathen scoundrels. It is worth waiting for such high quality work.
Hope everything goes well at the surgeon, Darc. Positive thoughts and prayer goes with you.
choo choo George
Darc, it makes me angry to think that you fear upsetting us readers because you have to take time off due to your wrist!! How dare you fear, I as well as all of us want a healthy happy Darc to come back and continue to write this terrific story. We'll all be pulling for you and wishing you the best, so don't have any fear, we're never going to leave you, we love you too much!! Take care of yourself and when you come back, we'll throw a party!!
Take care of yourself, Darc. Healing comes first. Besides, we won't be able to get your great comic if your wrist gets worse, either.... ;-)
Godel Fishbreath
Prayers for you.
Recently new to the comic series, enjoy is thoroughly. Just want to send well wishes and if you have to take a break, we will all be waiting faithfully!
Your health is more important than the comic. A temporary break while you heal is far better for everyone - especially yourself - than a permanent end to a brilliant story because you pushed yourself too hard and made it worse.
If a break is necessary to keep the comic this high quality the break away. Anyone who complains had better be paying your doctor's bills.
Oh my... thank you everyone! I'll do a longer post in the blog a little later, but the basic rundown so far is yes, it is carpal tunnel. I've an appointment next Friday for an EMG test to see if any damage has been done to the nerves and muscles and if so, how much. I'll see the doc again the week after next to go over the results. In the meantime he gave me a splint I need to wear while sleeping. I'm still allowed to draw, whoot, I just need to keep being careful. Thanks for sticking with me!
Darc, as one with "repetative motion injury" in my right arm, I have had all those tests and have made changes to minimize further damage. Sometimes, that helps a lot more than you know.
Hoping for your appointment to work out for you and they're able to help you with your wrist.
You do what is best for you. Your work is worth waiting for.
Jeff Airborne
I definitivelly prefer the first graphism... This one, with your new logiciel, look really too informatic... Maybe a back to your first caracteristic can be something good ^^ like in the firsts issues...
I'm sorry that you feel that way. Personally I am very happy with the current look and have no interest in reverting to the former method, especially since that method caused a great deal of pain and likely contributed to my current wrist issues.
You take care of your health, first! Good news is, carpal tunnel is readily treatable these days...
Darc: You Do What You Have To, The Point Of The Matter Is Simply Put "Your Health Is Much More Importan Than A Comic." I Wish You The Best No Matter The Outcome. If Time Off Is All That's Needed, I'll Be Here When You Return. Anyone Who Can't Understand That Can Go To The Unholy Hot Place.