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Issue 16 - Page 20

Uh oh... upset mouse-maid in 3...2...1...

Meanwhile, my wrist and hand keep giving me issues. While I'm trying to keep a buffer, each week it gets a little more tricky. I'm able to work one day and am pretty much useless the next. It's annoying, let me tell you. Still, I've an appointment Friday, so hopefully I'll find out what's going on then.

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Carl Foxmarten
Sounds like she's become extremely attached to him. Though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
She doesn't want to loose one of the men she has deep feelings for. Whould you?
Judging by the history shared between the two and what we've heard, Moraine having to send Spooky was probably the hardest thing she had to do and the hardest thing she had to deal with. There was definitely more between the two then a simple friendship.
This might be a bit off topic for the page, but this does make me wonder where her (Moraine's) grandson came from...aka what's her son look like, how deep was the relationship between these two.
I don't think it's been mentioned in comic. (Rather, it's been mentioned in newsposts way back) but Moraine eventually married appropriate to her station and had a son. The son himself got married and he and his wife had the Prince a year or two before Max first ran into Gavin.
M. Peach
Yes, that's the way it is with royalty. You can't always choose the one you love. It has to be from a very specific pool of suitors. It was probably for the best that they ended up in separate worlds, though I think he got the short end of the stick in that.
Wouldn't that make Prince Matthew only 5-6 years old? 1-2 years + 4 =/= 10 in my book. And I'm pretty sure I saw he was 10 years old somewhere in the archive or comments.
You're right, I was running quick calculations off the top of my head, and the prince is around 10 right now. This is what I get for not being careful with my math. :)
Well, if anything, Spooky lived up to the ideals of Chivalric love better than most would. Fell in love WAY above his station, but apparently stayed true to it even if he could never act on it due to custom and then separated, quite literally, worlds apart.
Darc, rest your arm! We can wait, daggone it.
Agreed, no sense in making it worse just to get a couple more hours of done.
I'm not sure what the doc's going to tell me to do tomorrow. I'll feel bad enough if I'm told to take a hiatus. I'd feel even worse if Issue 16 isn't finished first. I've only one page left to go. :)
Jason King
Our head secretary had a similar. At the advice of a coworker she started to do wrist strengthening/stretching exercises from Jiu-Jitsu. This plus a little physical therapy has helped her out a lot.
Interesting. I've never hear of using Jiu-Jitsu. Chiropractic was working wonderfully for a few years, it's just gotten to the point where something in the wrist keeps acting up no matter what I try. So, time to get it checked out.
I sense a more than friendship bond between those two!
Well, this conversation certainly explains what she was so peeved about when she nearly "geis"-ed him off the roof!