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Issue 16 - Page 19

Finally, a break from night scenes. While they've been an interesting learning experience, it's nice to get back into a brightly lit room.

Mori does not sound happy. Run, Roderick! Run!

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Would you allow the one you love to run off to what might be certain death? I'd say more than NO!
Yes he should run, but with his luck (and me recognizing Mori's clothes) I'm going to guess that he's about to attempt to run off the roof. Those are the same clothes she was wearing in Spooky's flashback last chapter, right?
That's what I was thinking as well, and looking back, it does indeed appear to be the case. This also looks like why she seemed so emotional in that page.
I agree that this could likely be the leading scene. I also notice that Moraine is often in a similar style/colour combination so I guess these are likely her favourite colours and one of her favourite outfits... and it is likely she'd wear them in the more private meetings with 'her' agents as she would feel less 'Royal' and more her own self at those times.
Nice backgrounds in all panels. Not to mention the story teller looks nice. Though Gillian has an interesting look on her face. I wonder what's gong through her mind at this part of the story?
Thanks. Gillian's an odd one. I'm never quite sure what she's thinking, really.
Is it just me or does Rodrick(Spooky) seem to have that whipped puppy, what did I do/say look?
Roderick: "I'm in trouble again, aren't I?"
Once again, as a memeber of the SCA, I applaud the look of Gillian's sideless surcoat. You drape it beautifully.
Thank you. I like the look of the sideless surcoats, but I'm never quite sure if I've drawn them right.
The princess's torso doesn't connect through the lower scroll thing, and is a tad too wide. You can tell by the positioning of the feet. That's the first mistake I've ever seen in this comic!
Actually, it does connect. She's leaning forward because she's angry. If you look at the prelim sketch on the Tumblr (2013/08/21) you can see what I mean.
Hooded Pioneer
It still throws her line of balance too far forward, even in the full pose though. I could do a red line if that would help, but I mean, it's just a flub, we still love you and it's just a blip on the radar. There is too much in this series that works and is utterly engaging to hang on it. :)
I'm the artist (and writer at this point) so the flub's my fault. Since I'm learning as I go it happens more often than I'd like. *laughs* I do see what you mean about the pose being off-balance. I also think her legs are a little too long. Unfortunately I don't have time to go back and fix it, but I'll try to avoid similar things in the future. Not a guarantee of perfection, you understand, but a promise to try. ;D Thanks!
Sorry about that. I'm hoping to make the pages look a little more dynamic, as well as stretch my abilities, by tackling poses I've never drawn before. Sometimes it works. And other times I make an error that later makes me cringe. *laughs* Still, if I don't try, I'll never learn. Hopefully the occasional goof doesn't throw the reading experience off too much. Thank you! :D