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Issue 16 - Page 18

Helena goes bye-bye for a bit, leaving our dynamic duo all alone in an ancient stone circle. I don't know about Roderick, but it looks like Benison's going to need a stiff drink after this.

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Wow Darc, You have really outdone yourself this issue. Love the story. I think i need a couple stiff drinks now. :) BIG HUGS to you and Matt!
Thanks Brighttail! *blush* The new cintiq and Photoshop upgrade have really helped. I'm no longer spending a chunk of time dealing with glitches and slowdowns. :D
Karma Squirrel
I've been wondering for a while now- Roderick looks like he has a Labrador-type head and ears (muzzle looks blunt rather than sharp) but his tail has a definite Golden Retriever vibe going on. Is he a mixed-breed?
I've never asked him about his heritage, but most likely, yes. Most of the characters are mixed breeds - as well as mixed races/species. There are a few families that insist on keeping their bloodlines pure, but this often leads to some genetic issues.
And here we see that full disclosure is not part of the deal.... "Helena is what you may call me".... specifically not the answer to "Is that your name?"... so not a lie... but a diversion/omission.
Helena could still be her true name. You may call me Ishmael that does not mean it is not my name. You only assume that it isn't since I implied that you could call me something else as well. Also Fey can hear their Name called (I do believe) from almost anywhere.
Aurik Marr
That look in her eye as she's turning... It looks almost like she's flirting with them.
Imre Bellic
I think she *was* flirting! Great work Darcy, one of your best pieces to date!
Thank you! :D
She just said that knowing someone's true name gives you power over them. She (or anybody) isn't going to lightly tell anyone their true name. Beats me how he will learn the names he wants.
Well as it was pointed out earlier there's always someone who know what your name is. The catch is finding that person and finding the proper, shall we say "leverage."
The proper non-iron leverage. I don't want to imagine what the Queens would do to the first mortal that brought iron into Their realm, but I doubt it involves anything pleasant for the mortal or his extended family and the general geographic region.
Again Stunning artwork and a fantastic story. One has to stress that you never can trust a Fey. Everything has it's price!
Thanks! I need to get back to practicing and learning again. I've let that slide lately. I've been reading and doing research, but not much side drawing recently.