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Issue 16 - Page 17

Uh Helena... babe? There's something in your skirt. You may want to take care of that.

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she look and sound like forest witch
Fey/fairies are like that at times.
Love the artwork! And yes there are much darker things that can come through the gates
Thank you! *blush*
Another hair-raising view of the hunt. The thought of that lot hot on my heels is rather perturbing. If you believe in Hell as a place of fire and brimstone, then these blokes look like they have just arrived with a sampler pack for you to enjoy.
Thanks Parou! I have way too much fun drawing the Hunt. :D
Loving how your telling the mythos here in such an elegant way! Visually it has a 'heaven/hell' vibe to it. Top is a beautiful woman in a serene pose but right below is like the Hell's Angels appearing with some Metallica music playing. O_O
Thank you! Metallica would be perfect. Either them, or Within Temptation. :D
I notice quite a few beings have horns.
"Few fey" not "few beings"
The Wild Hunt is lead by the Horned God, and the follows all bear antlers or horns in mimicry, no matter what the mythos. Slavic, Celtic, Gallic, Germanic, the Hunt's name changes, but the Riders and their Leader is the same.
They are a horny lot, that's for sure.
Iron Ed
Skirt reminds me of the newer t-shirts decorated with photo prints. :-)
*laughs* All she needs is one of sparkly cats and stars. She'd win the internet. :D
Iron Ed
What; no ponies?? Oh, wait... she already has "ponies." ;-)
John Smeed
Found on the web a device called a "Tall mouse" that is supposed to help people like you. It is expensive. Did some tests and found that if a pad was used to support the fore arm at about its midpoint that wrist movements were greatly reduced. It just happens if the heel of the wrist is not in contact with the table. This should greatly reduce your wrist problems. Wishing you the best. John Smeed.
Thank you for telling me about this! I looked into it quick when I first saw your comment this morning and this sounds promising. I'm currently using an old trackball mouse which helps a bit, but the wrist is still bent and rubs against the table. The position of this mouse sounds much more comfortable. Thanks again! :D
Choo Choo George
Darc, Darc, Darc, please don't kill yourself to meet schedule, I would hate to see a terrific artist with a terrific story ruin herself just to meet schedule. Remember, all good things come to he who waits. meaning us readers can wait for you to produce CN:H. Also have you tried any balms or lotions that might work, just to make you feel better, not just to work more on writing CN:H. Take care of yourself, and things usually fall in place
Thanks Choo Choo George! I'm trying to take things slow, but I tend to get a little bored. I want to see how the pages turn out. I have tried Tiger Balm before, but it irritated my skin. Tea Tree Oil seems to work nicely now and then. My sister in-law found a compression glove and night splint for me, so we'll see how those work. My current wrist wrap doesn't offer much support, just a bit of extra warmth.