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Issue 16 - Page 15

So, the first week of the new schedule is over. I hope everyone's enjoying the more rapid updates so far. My goal is to produce four pages a week. It's a plan, anyway.

While I like how this page turned out, I now notice that the two circular panels at the top line up with the fey queens' heads to make... a hidden Mickey. I will never un-see that now. *laughs*

Comments [24]:

If you didn't already smell a rat you should now. Should've expected that Summer and Winter aren't thier 'real' names
Obviously. Names hold a great deal of power in a lot of cultures. Giving someone the knowledge of your true name is also giving the ability to command and control you if I recall correctly.
You do indeed remember correctly! But, like everything, there are a few catches. One of them is that you have to get the name from the being's own mouth.
Iron Ed
Fae version of identity theft? :-)
Names? Hehehehe, even the Agents stuck there have to be careful of using their real names. Something tells me Summer and Winter don't use their real names often. Another wonderful page Darc.
I should think that those names would be closely guarded secrets myself
Thing to remember, before they became the powers they are, they were just another fey, maybe a stronger one than average, but still just one. There will always be those who knew them before they became who they are now..... or even before their prior name change.
The aspect will pass to the next strongest, eh? Methinks I see what Helena hopes to gain from giving out this information. Which, I recall, is what someone predicted several strips ago.
C. Mage
Doesn't change the fact that, at their core, they're still fey. And therein lies the main problem when so much power is given to a bunch of sociopaths at best, psychopaths at worst.
Eric Bloedow
oh, i think i see: the queens' true names were the information Spooky said was worth being trapped in the fae realm for! i also seem to remember a fantasy story where a powerful being's true name was unpronouncable-that is, no mortal would be able to say it!
Hera Ledro
If I recall correctly, Winter and Summer's names are Ashe and Samson respectively, though Darc and Matt are the only ones who can truly confirm or deny that. I believe that Moraine used them two issues ago.
Hera Ledro
In retrospect, it may have been the two RCSI agents to whom she was referring; I simply took it to mean that Ash was Winter and Samson was Summer.
I like the Dresdenverse idea of True Names. Basically, a human's True Name isn't just their full name--it also has a certain inflection. So you can fail to compel a wizard using zir True Name if you pronounce it even slightly wrong.
I recall a cyberpunk SF book titled "True Names." Essentially, if someone found out your true, real life name, he could control your online, virtual reality persona by accessing your files. Great Minsky, are we coming full circle?
Beautiful work, and I'm liking the pace, moving the story along. Hope your wrist doesn't give you problems with it!
Thank you. It's been giving me hell the last few days - I haven't been able to do much of anything - but hopefully that will stop here in a bit. So much to do.
Henry K9
I did not see the Mickey until I read your comment at the bottom...and you are right, I can't look at the panel and not see it!
Has anyone else noticed that the fey here has the same hair color, skin color and markings as puck does?
The Hunt has Yellow Eyes, not white, not black. To whom do they owe allegience?
The Hunt is a special case, neither Winter nor Summer. Its not technically a Court, but it will provide its.... Services... To whomever summons it and meets the price.
Eric Bloedow
i just looked up "a midsummer night's dream": in that story, the king and queen of the fairies were Oberon and Titania.
Here's another Dresdenverse reference for you: Initially, the Winter and Summer Queens were Mab and Titania, respectively. The Winter and Summer Ladies (heirs to their power should they die) were Maeve and Aurora, respectively. A lot of spoilerrific stuff happens to change that in Summer Knight and Cold Days, though.
I first found this comic the other night. Once I started reading I couldn't stop, and I read the whole thing over the course of a few hours. The art is amazing, as is the plot. I can't wait to read more.
Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed the story so far! :D