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For anyone who wasn't sure how to tell one court from another... here's your answer. It's the color of their eyeballs. Black eyes like Gavin's denote Winter Court while white eyes denote Summer. Fey that don't owe loyalty to either court may have colors other than white or black - though many seem to choose white.

The Summer Queen has colored eyes - hers are yellow - but she's the queen so, she gets away with it. Seriously, who's going to tell her no? I sure as hell ain't.

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I have a bass feeling about this. The fey never give anything away for free. Everything they do has some benefit to them.
*bad feeling. Gotta love smartphones.
Well, there's certainly something fishy there. ;-]
And on that low note...
Are they ill tempered sea bass? ;D
You might have hooked something there.
Ahhh, that further explains the court and the clues about the eyes. I bet those that aren't apart of one of the courts aren't always treated to well by them or don't really like the courts. Moraine's statement on love gives me that idea.
Oh man this is where magical history comes in! I've read a really awesome series by Yasmine Galenorn and the way she has described these two courts... AWESOME. But I remember hearing about them from the TV show 'Gargoyles' when I was younger.
Oh, I haven't watched 'Gargoyles' in years! I should find that and watch it again.
"...neither court is wholly benevolent or malevolent." That might be a little generous and self serving stretch of the truth there....
Historical thought, that would be accurate to the way they are portrayed in legend.
Too true! :D
Darc, you may hate doing flowing robes, but she looks awesome! :)
Thank you! One day I will figure out the secret of drawing folds and ripples in clothing. Then the world will me mine! All mine! Hahhahha! *notices everyone staring at her* Eh, it's been a long last few days. :D
This has nothing to do with the current story arc, but as I was doing a radio install a thought about Astoria and Max occurred. Being Astoria recognizes titles of nobility, then after Max's father dies he becomes a lord and therefore he is way off limits to Astorian intrigue. They may rant and throw a hissy fit, but a lord is a lord.
It'll throw Gadel for a loop when she finds out, that's for sure. ;D
This is more or less the same thing they say on "Tales of the Questor", except that in that comic, the "Unselighe" are 100% evil, while the "Selighe" are not evil. Not really good either. Obviously neither Artist made this up entirely.
It's actually Scottish folklore. Traditionally, the Seelie court would actually inform you if you offended them, and accept apologies. They would return kindness and favors as well. They weren't "good", per se, but they definitely could be called "nicer". The Unseelie, on the other hand, were the fey that would assault unsuspecting travelers without warning or reason. Not all of the Unseelier were "bad", but it was certainly far more common. I rambled a bit, but I love this sort of stuff
*squeee* Thank you! I'm trying to pull more from the folklore than from other, more recent works. :D
But which would she be then?
She has light eyes, by her own admission, she's Summer Court.
Interesting point that, she refers to her own clan preferring trickery over brute force in that same admission.
Another good series to read for about the fey is The Dressden Files by Jim Butcher.
Yes! And Gaiman's 'The Books of Magic' comics. Though those are a little hard to find now. I'm still missing the last collection of those. :(
Everyone seems so sure that this Fey's a she, but I think we've seen those markings and this attitude somewhere else...and doesn't this exposition seem suspiciously altruistic for the Gentry?
*evil grin*
Oh, and Darc, I've been loving how you're incorporating the different mythologies into a single and vibrant world. Now that the multiethnic mix of the US magic scene has been referenced, are you planning to bring in some fun creatures like garuda, totems, or kappa to spice up the British nightlife?
Darc or Matt would have the final say so.Based on previous story they might show up, but they would be weak so far from their ethnic bases IE.. Bases of power
Thank you! I don't have any plans to at the moment. We've so many stories lines up already. But, that may change over time.
Awesome sauce! Given how large the Indian population in London is, I bet you could bring in quite a bit without the burden of new storylines. That said, I thoroughly enjoy the balance of the characters as it stands, and will look forward to whatever directions you choose.
And we still don't know how hard it is to make a new gate. Hang a picture on the wall hard? New shopping center hard. Hoover dam hard? Obfuscate obfuscate obfuscate.
And now I'm going to have to go back and see if I can tell what color Miss Mab's eyes were in her cameo. Yay for archive diving!
Always loved the story and rich world building of Hunter, but todays(8/21/13) art is just off the charts excellent. Even the arrangement of the word bubbles is a thing of beauty. Wow.