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Issue 16 - Page 12

"If you're willing to take a risk" is apparently the fey version of saying "I triple-dog-dare you."

Remember, the updates increase to three times a week - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays - starting next week! Whoo, I'm gonna die.

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Iron Ed
Such a smile! Bored Fey has thought of something... fun! ;-)
Fun for who, though? That is the $64 question.
It's fun-diddly-dum time for the whole family! Just sign this waiver first absolving us from any legal repercussion due to nightmares, bizarre occurrences, and being trapped in a magical dimension for all eternity.
Martin Owens
I like the more frequent updates. How did you manage it?
Thanks. Changing which program I ink with really helped. When I was using Photoshop it took between 10-12 hours to ink a page. With Manga Studio it's down to 1-2 hours. Manga Studio's designed for inking more than Photoshop is, which helps. I still use Photoshop for coloring, though.
Although I'm always a big supporter of my favorite artists working at whatever is a healthy pace for them, I have to admit I'm looking forward to the more frequent updates. This comic is one of the ones that I am always eager to know what will happen next :D
Thank you. :D I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about the update increase, but excited at the same time.
I see a confrontation in the future.
Could be...
Looking forward to the added updates, just hope the added updates doesn't aggravate the wrist again.
Thanks. Things should be okay. I still have to take things carefully, but as long as I keep an eye on things and pay attention to the warning signs, the wrist should hold up okay.
choo choo george
Yeah, more updates sounds great, but given the high quality work you put into this terrific comic, I'd be happy to have 1 or 2 updates a week, so you don't burn yourself out and then we won't have any updates for a while. Don't kill yourself Darc, do what you feel you can handle and take care of yourself.
Thanks. I'll be careful. My only real concern at the moment is my folks are coming down for a week or two late next month and I won't be able to work while they're down. So I need to get ahead for that. I can't believe we're half-way through August already. Where'd the year go?
Imre Bellic
Why does her smile remind me of a shark?
I blame Shark Week. :D
Imre Bellic
How would the Fae deal with SHARKNADO?!?!
There is no hope of salvation from Sharknado!
Considering the Fae's reputation, I would want proof that they can create a new gate. I don't know if the gate Hunter went through is an established gate, or one that the queen made on the spot.
But the Fae cannot lie. It's one of the rules.
Note that the Fae are NOT forbidden a type 2 or type 3 lie. Type 1: Used by children. Just lie. Type 2: Tell part of the truth. Type 3: Tell the truth so badly that you aren't believed.
Yes the Fae can lie, via omission. They can cheat and steal, by following the Letter of a Statement, not the Intent. If there is a way of twisting words, vows, promises, etc, the Fae will do their best to make it turn out badly for you.
Rule #1: Never make a deal with a fae!
The Scavenger
Rule #2: Never owe a favor to a fae. Rule #3: Never have a fae owe you a favor.
And don't eat the food. It would be bad.
Imre Bellic
Rule #4: There is noooo Rule #4 Rule #5: If you *were* foolish enough to make a deal with the Fae, invest in an iron mine pronto!
choo choo George
Do your folks know about your wonderful work and how many people you've made fans out of it? maybe they can help a little, if not it'll hopefully be a week to relax with your folks.
Thanks. I'm hoping I can build enough pages up to cover. I'd feel bad halting updates so close after the increase begins. :D
Very interesting how she goes to rather blank to giving that sinister Fey smile there. Oddly enough, it seems like the second, fourth and sixth panels make her look like she gradually aging from elder, adult and then teen...interesting.
These gates could be considered a crossroads. There are tales of fey waiting at them to challenge mortal. The fey do like to change their appearance at a whim. Could be she's seeing what form she can get the best results with.
Actually "Tales of the Questor" an RH JUnior web comic touched on the wording thing with the Fae. They made the deal in Latin, as a dead language it's words no longer had a fluid meaning. They were set at whatever they were when the language died.
Dr. Cynic
Never make a deal with a fae, never take anything a fae gives you, and never ever be owed a favor from a fae. All this leads to destruction, peril, and more often than not, lateness.
It's not my fault I missed the bus! The damned fey stole my watch!